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|'''Driven mad'''
|'''Driven mad'''
Complete Chapter 3 in one sitting without dying.<br>
Complete Chapter 3 in one sitting without dying.<br>
''Unfortunately, there's no real easy way to do this one. The level itself is easy enough, but the final boss is a nightmare, even with a full team. As [[Vlad]] often says, "Good "luck"!"''
''Unfortunately, there's no real easy way to do this one. The level itself is easy enough, but the final boss is a nightmare, even with a full team. Chain-spamming [[Propp's Party Plasma]] can be effective, but requires a lot of manual dexterity. Otherwise, as [[Vlad]] often says, "Good 'luck'!"''
:'''TIP:''' If you have already completed all objectives without dying and if you die in fight with Cthulhu, you must quickly close the game! (= ESC -> Exit) After that you can run this chapter again.. After loading you will be again on the start of fight with Cthulhu and if you will defeated him, you can get this achievement! (You have a lot of chances, if you will do it with this tip. You must only Exit from game before then the game will saved your death)...It was works for me, nobody else was test it for now! '''[Hanzmeister66]'''
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|'''The Crusader Breakings'''
|'''The Crusader Breakings'''
Defeat the first Guardian<br>
Defeat the first Guardian<br>
'''''Note:''' This achievement is currently unobtainable due to a typo in the level file.''

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There are 68 Achievements in Magicka (36 General, 32 Adventure):

General Achievements

These are achievements you can get practically anywhere. Achievements with specific requirements are noted below.


Ach cooking.jpg Cooking by the book

Cast a Magick successfully.

Ach element.jpg Basic Element

Use all basic elements at least once.

Ach vanilla.jpg Vanilla Ice

Create a spell containing only Ice.
Ice is made by combining Water(Q) and Cold (R)

Ach steam.jpg Let off some steam

Create a spell containing Steam.
Steam is made by combining Water(Q) and Fire (F)

Ach alchemist.jpg State Alchemist

Create a spell that contains at least 3 different elements.
Many spells use at least three elements. One such example is SteamArcane (S)Lightning (A).

Ach wizardking.jpg I'm the wizard king, I can do anything!

Create a spell that contains 5 different elements.
One example is Icy Stone Healing Wall, made by combining Shield (E)Life (W)Earth (D)IceWater(Q), another are the Sparkling Arcane Steam Fire Mines, created with Lightning (A)Arcane (S)SteamFire (F)Shield (E)

Ach enchanter.jpg The Enchanter

Imbue your weapon with a spell.
Prepare the spell you want to cast on your weapon, hold Shift, and left-click.

Ach lazer.jpg IMMA FIRIN' MAH LAZER!!!!

Successfully cross two beams into a more powerful one.
This is easy to accomplish in multiplayer. When you see a teammate cast a beam, simply charge an Arcane beam and fire so that the two intersect. This also works on beams cast by hostile creatures, such as the Disciple's Arcane Beam. In singleplayer, you must use a shield to reflect your beam back into itself (you can simply fire a beam from inside of the AoE shield).

Ach beams.jpg Never cross the beams

Cross opposite beams so that at least someone dies from it.
This is best accomplished when fighting multiple Disciples or Goblin Mages. When they take enough damage, they will often cast Life beams to heal each other, take the opportunity to shoot an Arcane beam between them when it happens.

Ach airborne.jpg 101st Airborne

Jump off a cliff and save yourself by teleporting.

Ach storm.jpg The perfect storm

All players survived a thunderstorm.
Surviving a thunderstorm by yourself will earn this too. Easy to get by constantly using a shield bubble (Shield (E)+Shift+Right click) and recasting it when hit. Or even easier to get by casting a lightning immunity shield on self (Shield (E)Lightning (A)+middle click). It only lasts 12 seconds so you may need to renew the shield. Another method is to obtain Righteous Rod of Runes from the Dwarf Priests in Chapter 6 or Chapter 11 which gives you lightning immunity. The easiest way though, is just to cast Thunderstorm then Nullify (Arcane (S)Shield (E)+spacebar) it immediately to end the thunderstorm.

Ach million.jpg One in a million?

Get struck by a thunderbolt and survive.
Casting Shield or lightning resistance on yourself can help you to get this achievement. Additionally, the Cyber Robe actually gains health from lightning. See The perfect storm achievement above.

Ach friends.jpg Killing your friends, you're doing it wrong

Heal a total of 100,000 hit points.
Healing yourself also gains progress on this achievement. Overheal that does not restore any HP also counts.

Ach impact.jpg Deep Impact

Kill 5 enemies with a single Earth projectile.
An easy way to do this is to throw a rock in a big zombie horde summoned by yourself.

Ach hawking.jpg I call it a Hawking Hole

Make 50 enemies get sucked into the same Vortex.
Do this in Chapter Four in the infinite spawning waves of orcs and goblin bombers where you bomb up the door to The King. Also completable at the Machine and the Warlock boss in the same chapter by casting a Vortex at the doorway where new Disciples will constantly spawn to keep the number of them at 2. Even easier method is to cast a vortex on the bridge were infinite enemies are moving below. Shooting an earth pebble (Earth (D)) into a Vortex will help to keep it open. The achievement will unlock once the Vortex dissipates.

Ach multikill.jpg MU-MU-MU-MULTIKILL!

Kill 20 enemies with one spell or magick.
An easy way to do this is to use the Daemon Arm (obtained in Chapter Six) which gives you unlimited beam duration. On Chapter Eight before entering the mines, there is a checkpoint and a bridge. Haste/Teleport past all the monsters to the other side of the plateau and then run back to the other side of the bridge. Since all the mobs follow you, toasting them all with a constant beam at the bridge choke point is no problem.

Ach ice.jpg Ice Age

It's what killed the dinosaurs. Smash 100 frozen creatures to bits.
The typical way to do this is to freeze enemies (Water(Q), Ice) then destroy them before they thaw (usually with a powerful Earth (D) spell). However, the absolute easiest way to achieve this is to grab the Frost Cleaver from Goblin Captains of Chapter Eight, then return to earlier chapters and melee unarmored enemies like crazy. Since the sword automatically freezes most enemies, it automatically smashes them as well.
Interestingly, this also seems to count toward the Bad Taste achievement.


Ach houdini.jpg Houdini

Break free from entanglement without using spells or magicks.
Pressing the space bar repeatedly when entangled will accomplish this.

Ach over9000.jpg It's over nine thousand!!!!

Deal over 9000 damage to one enemy.
This is easy to get later in the game or at the beginning of chapter 3, firing a strong beam at Vlad. Alternately, you can get something wet (with Rain or Water) and use Thunder Bolt SteamLightning (A)Arcane (S)Lightning (A) on it for 10,000 damage. Also you can direct hit a bomb-carrying goblin with a Fireball (Earth (D) and Fire (F)x4) and he will be inflicted with 10,000+ damage points (damage depends on shot precision) - base damage is dealt by his own bombs' explosion.

Ach wingardium.jpg Wingardium Leviosa

Push someone off a cliff.
Pushing them off flying ships in Chapter Three also counts.

Ach gravity.jpg "Oh gravity, thou art a heartless bitch"

Die from falling damage.
Use Haste and repeatedly run down the steps in Chapter One just outside the castle. You will take a very small amount of falling damage each time. Or, just fall off a cliff. You can also get this achievement while fighting Khan, when he throws you into a wall at high speeds.

Ach raining.jpg It's raining (beast)men

Gib 5 beastmen in 5 seconds.
At the start of Chapter Three, cast Haste (Lightning (A)Arcane (S)Fire (F)), run to the windmill and lure as many beastmen as possible, then cast Super Arcane Steam Lightning Nova (Arcane (S)SteamSteamLightning (A)Lightning (A)) once they are close enough. If necessary, follow up with a Super Arcane Steam Lightning Blade (Arcane (S)SteamSteamLightning (A)Lightning (A)). Instead you can also use Super Exploding Electric Ice Wall (Shield (E)IceIceArcane (S)Lightning (A))

Ach firstblood.jpg First Blood

Kill one enemy using the M60.
You get the M60 for successfully defending every house from Jotunn at the end of Chapter Three. Alternately, using the AK47, M16A1, alternate M60, or the MAT-49 works. The Gyrojet Pistol can also trigger the achievement provided the target dies from pistol damage rather than fire damage.

Ach yellow.jpg OMG! They killed Yellow!

Die with yellow robes.

Ach blue.jpg Blue… No Yelloooow!

Have a hard time settling on a color.
Change the color of your robes multiple times.

Ach champion.jpg We are the champions

Survive all waves of a challenge.
Can be cheesed by using custom edited challenges.

Ach improbable.jpg Mission improbable

Complete Adventure in less than 4 hours.
The save must show less than 4 hours. You will get this achievement after the credits roll. (Refer to here to see how the achievement is rewarded:

Ach taste.jpg Bad Taste

Overkill 1000 enemies.
Lightning Bolt is a good way to get overkill damage on enemies, as it does 5,000 damage per strike. The Super Steam Lightning Beam (Arcane (S)SteamSteamLightning (A)Lightning (A)) also does considerable damage.

Lead farmer

Kill 1000 enemies using firearms.
Easy to accomplish in the two Vietnam challanges. The M60 found in Chapter Three also counts for this achievement, so it can be achieved in Adventure Mode as well. Alternately, using the AK47, M16A1, alternate M60, or the MAT-49 works. The Gyrojet Pistol can also trigger the achievement provided the targets die from pistol damage rather than fire damage.

Good Company (Requires Magicka: Vietnam DLC)

Accomplish all objectives in the Vietnam rescue mission.
Simply destroy the 2 Radio Towers, rescue the 4 POWs and John, steal the military plans, destroy the 2 ammo storages, and survive to get this. See Vietnam Rescue Mission for more details.
This can also be achieved without the DLC through other players' servers.

Ach banisher.jpg Banisher of horrors (Requires Magicka: The Stars Are Left DLC)

Vanquish 1000 creatures of the Cthulhu mytos.
This can only be obtained in the DLC campaign. A fairly simple way to do this is to go to the first door on your left in Chapter 3. Kill the Shoggoth that spawns, then stand anywhere near the dark portals, repeatedly cast Super Lightning Steam Storm (SteamLightning (A)Lightning (A)Lightning (A)Shield (E)), and watch as the infinite Deep Ones get fried one-by-one.
It's worth noting that doing it this way also adds toward the Bad Taste achievement, as all enemies will explode.


Ach betteryou.jpg Better you than me

Be invisible while one other player dies.

Ach finders.jpg Finders keepers

Steal your friends equipment after he has died.

Ach pvp.jpg
Nothing but a man, who can never fail

Win 20 versus matches in a row.
This can be easily boosted with a friend in a private game. Set the number of lives to 5 to help with boosting this more quickly.

Ach hidden1.jpg Swedish Summer Achievement

Experience Rain and/or Blizzard 20 times during one Versus match to unlock a much needed treat.
This can be easily boosted with a friend in a private game. The achievement should unlock for all players after Rain or Blizzard is cast 20 times.

Ach hidden2.jpg Seven day cruise (Requires Magicka: Lonely Island Cruise DLC)

Play one game per day on the Lonely Island Cruise for seven consecutive days.
This can also be achieved without the DLC through other players' servers.

Adventure Achievements

These achievements can only be obtained by playing through Adventure Mode and meeting the stated requirements.


Ach eye.jpg An eye for an eye

Defeat Behold, the watcher.
Chapter One tutorial boss.

Ach trolling.jpg No more trolling

Defeat Ygg.
Chapter One boss.

Ach snake.jpg Solid Snake

Defeat Jormungandr.
Chapter Two boss.

Ach goat.jpg There is no goat level

Defeat Jotunn.
Chapter Three boss.

Ach king.jpg Saved by the king

Defeat the Warlock and Machine.
Chapter Four boss.

Ach khan.jpg KHAAAAAAAAN!

Defeat Khan.
Chapter Five boss.

Ach 88mph.jpg 88mph

Get thrown back in time by Vlad.
Vlad portals you back in time when you are about to defeat Grimnir in Chapter Six.

Ach aristocats.jpg More like the Aristocats

Defeat the Aristocrats.
Chapter Eight boss.

Ach vlad.jpg Play it again, Vlad

Defeat Vlad.
Chapter Nine boss.

Ach reaper.jpg Don't fear the reaper

Defeat Death.
Chapter Ten boss.

Ach dragon.jpg Dragon "Slayer"

Defeat Fafnir.
Chapter Eleven boss.

Ach coolguy.jpg I think Magicka is a pretty cool guy

Defeat Assatur.
Chapter Twelve boss.


Ach rpg.jpg RPG much?

Complete all side quests in the game.
In Chapter One, there is a woman with an exclamation point over her head talking about rats in her basement. Killing the attacking goblins and talking to her again will give you this achievement.

Ach robehat.jpg I put on my robe and wizard hat

Aquire all Magicks in adventure mode.
See Magick locations. Yes, "Aquire" is spelled incorrectly. A single save with all 21 Magicks is required for this, you cant have them spread around save slots.

Ach sherlock.jpg Sherlock Holmes

Find all secret areas in the game.
See Secret Locations

Ach moose.jpg King's Quest

Find all the moose.
Find and Examine all twelve moose in the Adventure Mode main campaign. See Moose Locations for more details.

Ach friendship.jpg Friendship is Magicka (Requires Magicka: The Other Side of the Coin DLC)

Find all the elven horses.
Find and kill all eleven Elven horses in The Other Side of the Coin Challenge campaign. See Elven Horse Locations for more details.
This can also be achieved without the DLC through other players' servers.


Ach onlyone.jpg There can be only one

Kill MacLeod.
After crashing your airship in Chapter Three, there is a man standing, staring over a cliff. Killing him will earn this achievement.

Ach magicka.jpg This is Magicka!

Push the soldier in battlefield down the hole.
At the start of Chapter 5, there is a soldier standing next to a circular hole. Use any magic to push him into it.

Ach legend.jpg Stuff of legends

Defeat Fafnir by striking him with Gram.
You can obtain Gram in Chapter Two, after killing the forest troll eating the moose. Carry it until you reach Fafnir in Chapter Eleven. Refer to this video to see how to do it correctly: Alternatively, get the sword from Chapter Two, then skip to Chapter 11 - this is a recently introduced feature.

Ach fancy.jpg Too fancy for fireballs?

Complete one level using only magicks.
Chapter Seven is an easy place to get this. Only use Teleport, do not cast any spell (eg, do not freeze the river), do not swing your weapon.

The Stars are Left

All of these achievements require Magicka: The Stars Are Left DLC to obtain.

Ach nopower.jpg No Power = No Responsibility

Defeat Parker.

Ach from.jpg From whence you came...

Get sucked into the portal to R'lyeh.

Ach fhtagn.jpg Fhtagn once more!

Put great Cthulhu to sleep once more.

No Death Achievements

Important notes:

  • These do not need to be gained in the same playthrough to count.
  • You can replay each chapter individually to unlock these. However, dying in the same chapter -- even once, fairy or not -- will ruin your chances of getting that chapter's achievement.
  • Selecting Quit Game and restarting from the chapter select screen, however, will cancel out your death so long as you quit before "Defeated" pops up.
Ach breezed.jpg Breezed through

Complete Chapter 1 in one sitting without dying.
The Frost Cleaver can be helpful. Hiding near the left of this chapter's boss den also makes it impossible for him to hit you while the Space Robes makes you completely immune to the mobs he summons.

Ach handling.jpg Handling the frustration

Complete Chapter 2 in one sitting without dying.
Only two battles are mandatory: The battle on the bridge and the boss fight. You can rush through everything else with Haste/Armor (Earth (D)Shield (E) or IceShield (E)). With Levitation, (found in this chapter) the boss can be lured into the lake where he'll instantly drown.

Ach driven.jpg Driven mad

Complete Chapter 3 in one sitting without dying.
Unfortunately, there's no real easy way to do this one. The level itself is easy enough, but the final boss is a nightmare, even with a full team. Chain-spamming Propp's Party Plasma can be effective, but requires a lot of manual dexterity. Otherwise, as Vlad often says, "Good 'luck'!"

The Other Side of the Coin

Note: This campaign is technically a Challenge Mode map, but one that acts like an Adventure Mode campaign.
Ach letmein.jpg Let Me In

Enter the house of Elwenhús

Ach crusader.jpg The Crusader Breakings

Defeat the first Guardian

Ach abridge.jpg A Bridge too Near

Defeat the second Guardian

Ach amarth.jpg Amarth Faeg!

Defeat the third Guardian

Ach interred.jpg Interred with the Vampire

Finish The Other Side of the Coin