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The Adventure game of Magicka is set in a fantasy world where wizards wield vast elemental powers capable of destroying the world. The adventure consists of a story where the player is first requested to travel from Castle Aldrheim to Havindr to help The King on the request of Vlad.

A full playthrough will typically last 8-12 hours on the first attempt, and around half that on subsequent attempts. There is an achievement to complete the game playthrough within 4 hours but this walkthrough will not focus on it and instead focus on other achievements that can be obtained during the playthrough. Whenever the player reaches a location where an achievement is obtainable, the walkthrough will mention it. Do note that the walkthrough may contain minor spoilers, but storyline spoilers are generally avoided where possible.

Things You Should Know[edit | edit source]

Activated Checkpoint

The adventure of Magicka is divided into 12 chapters. Each chapter contains several checkpoints which saves your progress in the game. Should you die in the game, the game will restart from the last checkpoint you have reached. In single player, there are no death penalties in the game apart from the loss of any progress made since the last checkpoint. In multiplayer, any equipped items are dropped on the floor, furthermore if you die by falling off the world, the equipped items are lost.

Each chapter is further divided into several sub-areas. As you progress from area to area, you will NOT be able to return to the previous area so if you are looking to complete certain achievements or find certain items, do so before moving on to the next area.

There are 2 types of checkpoints, forced and activated. Forced checkpoints are the ones that are automatically activated whenever you enter a new area (thus preventing you from returning to the previous area) and do not have any physical presence in the game. Activated checkpoints look like a runic stone built on a runic platform and are manually activated by touching it. These are usually located at convenient locations in the middle of an area.

Should you decide to quit the game and exit to the main menu, all progress made in the current chapter is lost (including checkpoints) and the entire chapter has to be restarted.

In Magicka, all players have 1,000 hitpoints.

A full video/commentary walkthrough can be found here :

Spell vs Magick[edit | edit source]

Players should take note that a spell is different from a magick. A spell is casted by using any of the four methods of casting spells (right click (normal cast), shift+right click (area cast), shift+left click (imbue sword), middle click (self cast)). A magick is a specialized spell that can only be cast after you have specifically learned how to cast the magick and is done by using the spacebar. There are exactly 22 magicks in the game with various specialized effects, 1 of which is only available in a bonus Wizard's Hat DLC for players who purchased the game before January 31st, 2011 (Now purchasable as DLC).

Useful Spells[edit | edit source]

Although there are over a thousand different combination of spells that you can cast, multiplied by the different ways that you can cast them, you really only need a few spells to get past the game, not counting specific boss strategies.

Distance to Enemies? Number of Enemies? Strength of Enemies? Enemies Clumped? Cast this Comment
Long Many Weak Any SteamSteamArcane (S)Lightning (A)Lightning (A)
The elemental combination that gives the highest damage Beam in the game. Steam Soaks enemies and does damage, Arcane sets the Spell Type as Beam, and Lightning does double damage against Soaked targets.
Long Few Strong Any Cold (R)Arcane (S)Lightning (A)Lightning (A)Lightning (A)
Literally a copy of the above spell, except instead of prioritizing damage, this beam will Slow strong enemies that you cannot burst-damage to death, focusing instead on controlling their distance from you and delaying their attacks. Most effective if you can Soak them with Water beforehand.
Short Few Strong Yes Sword Enchantment
SteamSteamArcane (S)Lightning (A)Lightning (A)
This takes the first spell and enchants it to your melee weapon. While extremely short-ranged, it is capable of dealing a significant amount of damage in a single strike to all enemies in front of you, so it is useful to have it charged to your sword at all times as a backup.
Short Few Any Any IceIceIceIceLightning (A)
This fires what is literally a 12-pellet shotgun blast of electrified ice shards. If you charge the spell, you can turn it into a 12-round assault rifle burst-fire instead (spread decreases and range increases proportional to charge time). Using this spell uncharged is recommended, since charging takes too long and does not increase damage.
Short Many Weak Any Area Cast
SteamLightning (A)Arcane (S)Arcane (S)Arcane (S)
This is similar to the Steam-Lightning-Arcane Beam, except Area Casted with emphasis on blast radius. You can exchange the Arcane elements for Steam and Lightning, but it greatly decreases the effective area in exchange for about 600 damage.
Short Many Any Any Area Cast
Cold (R)Earth (D)Earth (D)Earth (D)Earth (D)
This is basically your last resort if you are surrounded by enemies from all directions that are too strong to burst-damage to death. This will knock down all nearby enemies since this is a Projectile spell being Area Casted. The Cold element, however, will also Slow the enemy, which causes them to take an incredibly long time to recover from the knockdown. This spell deals no damage, and you'll have to use one of the other short range spells to finish them off or reposition yourself.
Short Any Any Any Sword Enchantment
IceShield (E)Lightning (A)Lightning (A)Lightning (A)
This is a stronger, riskier emergency spell than the above enchantment spell. It makes your melee swing extend a forward wall of lightning spewing ice spikes, which deal ~3500 damage and stun most enemies for the duration of the wall. Tremendously useful through-out the campaign to simultaneously give you breathing room, wipe out cannon fodder, and severely weaken elite enemies. Can be used as main offensive spell in conjunction with wetting enemies and Haste/Teleport. The risk lies in that it can kill you if you get knocked into your own spikes.

Chapters[edit | edit source]

There are 12 chapters in the game each with a walkthrough. These are:

You are recommended to follow them in order to get all the secrets and achievements.