Agnar greets the wizards.
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction None
Location Veiditorp, Midgård
(Chapter 3: Revenge of the Tribes)
Appearances Magicka

Agnar is the name of numerous characters featured in Magicka.


A man named Agnar is encountered during Chapter 3: Revenge of the Tribes. As the wizards enter the village of Dunderhaed, he welcomes them to the village. However, beastmen attack the village and the wizards must ward them off. After successfully repelling the attack, Agnar rewards the wizards with the M60 crafted by the village gunsmith, Angus.

Another Agnar, referred to as Admiral Agnar, is encountered during the goblin attack on the city of Hávindr. He was sent by the King to tell them that he is unable to meet with them. He has been ordered to accompany the players to the nearby inn, where they can stay the night.

When the city is attacked, Admiral Agnar is found near a fountain. He will see the wizards to his left and goblins to his right. At this point, he shouts "IT'S A TRAP!" and proceeds to attack the goblins. He is killed in this battle.