Patch Notes
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(April 8, 2014 Wizard Wars)
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(April 22, 2014 Wizard Wars)


  • Disabled all displayed rewards except total score/xp/crowns (No more having to repeatedly "skip" stuff).
  • Added time_bonus to game modes.
  • Damage/Heal bonuses removed (for now).
  • Game mode specific end of match rewards.
  • Removed random crystal drops.


  • Above level 60, each level now requires 75000 XP (instead of the bugged 20k). This change affects all players above level 60.

Status Effects[]

  • Cancel active wards when frozen.
  • Fixed single Cold wards not protecting against Chill if already Chilled when casting the ward.


  • Tweaked imp-ring frontend anims and added a few more variations.


  • Fixed revives sometimes messing up round wins/score in Duel


  • Added Caps Lock indicator to the login screen.
  • Fixed comparison color coding in store/weapons/stats.
  • Re-binding enter key is no longer allowed.


  • Changed the name of Acolyte's Staff to Warlock's Staff for consistency with the Warlock's Robe.


  • Fixed a glitch where spells could be cancelled if one kept the mouse button down and queued more elements whilst still casting/channeling.
  • Fixed tactical dragon strike occasionally dealing out extreme burst damage.
  • Fixed a client crash in the lobby when hovering with the cursor over players.
  • Fixed a client crash in the training ground when killing Timmy.
  • Fixed: Stuck in wait for server response on change password.
  • Invalid user names should now give correct error message at log-in.
  • Made sure that death screams and body-fall-to-ground sounds don't trigger when a player is gibbed.
  • New validation and error feedback for 'new password' dialog.
  • Reseting password in game will now allow you to use the new password to log-in afterwards without having to restart the client.
  • Sounds when entering spawn points is now properly treated as sound effects for volume purposes.
  • Truncating long keybind names on in-game gui.