Patch Notes
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(March 26, 2014 Wizard Wars)
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(April 8, 2014 Wizard Wars)

Big Stuff[]

  • Duel Mode is back! Taking into account community feedback from the first version we released we have made some tweaks and changes. Format: 1v1 (only two needed to queue), first to 3 wins is the overall winner, all status effects and health etc resets between rounds, you carry over your Focus between rounds.
  • Anti-Cheat. We have added a new anti-cheat system (Easy Anti-Cheat), you will be prompted to install it when you start M:WW for the first time post-patch, please follow the on-screen prompts. In the rare event that your antivirus picks it up as a threat please be sure to flag it as safe. Any issues resulting from installing this function can be posted on our bug/tech issue forum, we will have support staff (and a member from the company assisting us with the solution) there to provide advice.
  • Multiple Game Modes. You can now pick between 4v4 Wizard Warfare or the 1v1 Duel Mode as you see fit.
  • In-game Feedback Removed. We felt that this wasn't really bringing us anything that we didn't already get from the excellent discussion at the forums. Please direct any feedbacky type stuff here from now on.


  • The feedback button has been replaced with a support button, click that to begin your tech issue resolving adventure!


  • Game Mode Selection Screen. Well, if you have more than one game mode to choose from it pays to have a way to do so, right?
  • New Friends List. A list, with friends!
  • New UI Framework.


  • Tornado and geyser now give kills/score to their owner if the victim dies from falling damage.

Changes to Haste Magick[]

  • Haste reworked to be more responsive.
  • New animation for casting Haste.
  • Cast time decreased from 0.4sec to 0.2sec.
  • Now casting Haste doesn't clear your current movement destination. You just keep on runnin'.

Changes to Ice Barriers[]

  • New casting animation.
  • Cast animation duration changed from 0.5 sec to 1 sec
  • Ice Barrier damage increased from 125 to 250 ice damage.


  • General tweaks, changes and tidy-ups across Element Affinity descriptions, Magicks etc.


  • The Drop Timer for Chill (the time it takes after taking Cold damage before you start to lower your Chill value) has been increased from 0.5sec to 0.55sec.
  • Cold AoE damage changed from 50 to 35.
  • Cold Spray damage increased from 50 to 55.
  • Cold Projectile Magnitude 1 damage changed from 1-40 to 1-75 and Magnitude 2 from 1-100 to 1-110.
  • Cold Beam damage changed from 20 to 30.
  • Cold Barrier Bombs damage changed from 200 to 50 (These were the ones most affected by the old system, should be pretty close to their strength before the reworking of the system).
  • Cold Mines damage changed from 200 to 50. (What ^ said)
  • Cold Storms Magnitude 1 damage changed from 50 to 40 and Magnitude 2 from 35 to 25.

Status Effects[]

  • Chill now passes over to Frozen if the chill level is bigger or equal to 250 (before you had to be at 251 for it to happen).
  • Wet damage multiplier fix (multiplier was applied several times).
  • Add initial Cold damage to Chill Level, previously the first tick was ignored.


  • Teams now internally balanced before the start of game. In order to create better matches the system will make extra efforts to balance combined ELO across the teams, i.e if the pool of 8 players is 2 awesome Wizards and 6 average Wizards there will be an awesome Wizard placed on each team.


  • Graphic quality sub settings will now properly affect the 'quality preset' and set it to "Custom" accordingly.
  • Melee attacks will now be properly interrupted when players are launched in the air or pushed.
  • Fixed Sudden Death message in Wizard Warfare appearing when one team still has tokens.
  • Removed the option to map the left and right Windows-keys.