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Weapon Information
Arcane Light Saber.jpg
Game Description: It is very light, can be swung very quickly, and burns through almost any material.
Damage: High Arcane
Special: Fast
Location: Chapter 11: In the area with the lava, go up and right across the lava (freezing it). The weapon is beside a skeleton.


650 arcane damage per hit


  • Really fast attack speed.
  • High damage output.
  • Deals triple damage versus frozen enemies (1950 damage per hit).
  • Fairly effective against Fafnir.
  • It looks awesome, especially when you wear black robes and cast lightning in an area of effect. Or when using a push (right-click with no elements selected).


  • It doesn't stay active, as it flashes or is turned off most of the time. Only in cutscenes it seems to be constantly active.
  • No passive abilities.
  • You can not force choke NPCs.


This weapon is clearly a Star Wars Lightsaber (in fact it is named Lighsaber in the games source files), and it is found in the lava filled dwarven caverns, a refrence to the planet Mustafar in Star Wars: Revenge Of the Sith. There is a charred skeleton nearby as well which refers to Anakin Skywalker.