Staff Information
1. Aristo Staff.jpg
Game Description: The goblin lord kept this relic safe for many a year, until it finally slipped from his grasp... his cold, dead grasp.
Passive: Resistance to all elements
Active: Teleport
Location: Chapter 8: Dropped by the Black Aristocrat. You need to pick it up quickly as the chapter ends soon after he dies.

The Aristo-Staff marks you as a wizard of refined tastes - as well as a penchant for quick getaways when the going gets tough. It will significantly increase your survivability with a huge increase in all resistances, however, it will simultaneously greatly hamper your ability to be healed.

A handy method to get around this, and in fact handy in general, is to cast a shield bubble (AOEShield (E), and fill it with healing mines (AOELife (W)Shield (E)). When you walk over the mines you will heal yourself for approximately 150hp with this staff equiped. This will ultimately give you time to heal yourself and your, giving you plenty of time to plan out your next series of attacks, or letting you fully charge a projectile. This technique is not as convenient fighting Dwarf Warriors, as they are able to teleport inside your shield. However, with this staff, you can quickly teleport out of the shield, creating a new one else where, leaving them trapped inside the original one for a period. Otherwise, you can use this shield as a safe area, using the Teleport magicka to leave, cast off your spells, and when you lose too much HP, quickly returning using the Aristo-Staff's active ability.


  • The resistance aura reduces the effects of all elements as well as physical damage on the user by 75%, increasing your survivability.
  • The resistance aura also reduces the time negatives status effects lasts
  • The Teleport ability on the Aristo-Staff is directed and is one of the best panic button abilities available from a staff.
  • Best Use: Survival


  • 75% resistance to all forms of damage, effectively giving you 4 times the hp.
  • Excellent panic button; allows teleporting when wet.
  • Elemental resistances is useful when dueling with enemy casters/spitters.
  • Life resistance becomes irrelevant with certain characters like the Space Marine (which is immune to life anyway).


  • Also gives 75% Life Resistance, thus making heals 75% less effective on you.
  • The Teleport magick is already available to wizards in Chapter Seven, so it is somewhat redundant barring specific circumstances.