The result of falling out of a tower.
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Order of Magick
Location Castle Aldrheim, Midgård
Appearances Magicka

Baleyg is a character featured in Magicka.


Baleyg is a wizard in the Order of Magick. He is first mentioned during Chapter 1: The Fancy Menace at the party in the common room of Castle Aldrheim. The wizard Shams mentions that he sent Baleyg to the eastern tower to retrieve cheese when the party began to run low.

At the beginning of Chapter 7: Return to Castle Aldrheim, after the players are sent back in time, they rush to the eastern tower. Once inside, they witness an explosion that sends Baleyg flying out of the tower. After the players leave the tower, they find his corpse on the ground.


  • During Chapter 1, while leaving the castle grounds an explosion can be heard by the players. This is presumably the explosion in the eastern tower which kills Baleyg.
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