Max Hitpoints 2400
Species Beholder
Appearances Giant floating eye, with razor teeth and tentacles
Weaknesses Lightning (A)
Regeneration 0
Speed 6
Score Value 400

Behold the Watcher is the first boss encountered in Magicka. He appears at the very end of the tutorial dungeon and blocks the path. He shoots red laser beams from his tentacles. Although he may seem menacing, he is very easy to defeat, for he's a stationary target. Every hit from him does 60 damage and, like other projectiles, his laser beams are able to be reflected. However, if you don't feel like fighting him, you can kill him quickly by destroying a rope on the left wall of the room, thus dropping a chandelier on top of him. Upon dying, he will let out a howl and implode. After defeating Behold and returning to the party, you learn that he was the Order's pet and they sent him down there to look for you.

Behold also makes an appearance in Magicka 2, this time as a skeleton, in the ruins of Castle Aldrheim right at the beginning of the prologue. shooting an earth projectile at it, thus destroying it, will earn the player the achievement Pet Sematary.


  • Behold the watcher is a reference to the classic Dungeons & Dragons monster the Beholder
  • Behold the watcher is the Order's pet.
  • Behold the watcher does not attack until you attack it first.


Ach eye.jpg An eye for an eye

Defeat Behold, the watcher.

Pet Sematary.png Pet Sematary

Defile the remains of your beloved pet, Behold, in the Main Campaign.