Blizzard Information Magick blizzard.png
Game Description: Everyone longs for a cool breeze on those warm summer days. Now you can have your wish – and more! – with a powerful, refreshing blizzard. Guaranteed to chill even the warmest of beverages.
Combination: Cold (R)IceCold (R)
Keycode: RRQR
Location: Chapter Six: Found on a small island in the middle of a pond northeast of the start of the chapter.

Spell effects[]

Blizzard is a weather modifying Magick that can only be used outdoors. When cast indoors, it has no effect other than to waste 2 seconds of casting time. When cast, it causes a snow storm that lasts for 10 seconds and covers the screen with a snow effect.

Similar to Rain, Blizzard will cause the cold status effect to be applied to all units in the scene every 0.25 seconds except those protected inside a shield bubble and/or have cold immunity. If cold units ever get wet, they will become frozen instead. A unit afflicted by the cold effect has a blueish appearance and all movement/animation/spell queuing are slowed to 0.333 of the usual speed. As a side effect, the usual casting animation time of 2 seconds is tripled to 6 seconds, leaving the caster with only 4 seconds left of the active Blizzard before he can do anything else, unless the caster has a cold immunity aura (Cold (R)Shield (E)+Self) or is in a shield bubble (Shield (E)+Area).

Blizzard does not douse any burning fire patches in the scene, including Grease patches set on fire. Any unit that is burning will first become dry, and then become cold 0.25 seconds later. Any water/lava surfaces will also be completely frozen, and will remain frozen for another 20 seconds after Blizzard has ended. Counter to intuitiveness, water/lava surfaces located inside shield bubbles will also be frozen by Blizzard.

Blizzard can be stopped by using Nullify.


  • Can be combined with Rain to freeze every cold unit.
  • Very effective against enemies without cold immunity if the casting wizard is protected against cold.
  • Can be used to instantly freeze whole lakes.


  • The whitewashed scene can be difficult to see when Blizzard is active.
  • Blizzard will slow down the caster as well as allies. Wizards cannot do anything for 6 seconds upon casting Blizzard unless they have cold immunities or are protected by a shield bubble.
  • Can be removed by Nullify and countered by cold immunity aura.
  • Can only be used in outdoor areas.
  • In reality, you can't keep all enemies frozen until they thaw and this still "consumes" their wet status. Often simple cold spells are better.