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Weapon Information
Blunt blade.jpg
Game Description: All blades in the Order of Magick have been blunted, so as to avoid accidents.
Damage: Low Physical
Special: None
Location: It's the weapon the basic wizard starts with.



  • Hey, who really uses unenchanted melee weapon to fight? Aren't boulders, fireballs, steam-arcane-lightning beams, lightning-arcane crystals and the mighty Nightmare Hailstones better?
  • It was your first weapon, and is by no doubt, your best friend. You and this Blade will go on many quests together, sharing both stories and love as you grow closer to one another and bond as best friends. Together you will slay beasts, monsters, goblins, and possibly civilians. Nothing will stand in your way as you both work your way to victory.


  • You will abandon it as soon as you can grab any other weapon.