Staff Information
Bug Staff.jpg
Game Description: A while back, the Order of Wizards decided to order a shipment of shiny staves from the southlands. The merchandise later turned out to contain a seemingly endless supply of bugs.
Passive: None
Active: Summon Bugs
Location: Mea Culpa DLC, it is the default staff for the Mea Culpa wizard.

The Bug Staff appears in the Mea Culpa DLC and can only be obtained with the "Mea Culpa" wizard model as the default starting staff.


Summon Bugs summons a single Bugswarm minion that move to attack nearby enemies and deal melee damage (10 per hit, around 60 dps) to all enemies in melee range. You can only have 16 summoned minions at any one time.


  • Bugswarms attract enemies, making them useful for crowd control.
  • Damages all units within melee range.
  • Fun to watch.
  • Bugswarms deal poison damage and can be used to summon Poison Elementals (Summon Elemental Magick). On the other hand, Poison Elementals are nearly completely useless.
  • Immediately available to anybody who might want it.


  • Bugswarms do damages to wizards too if you get close enough to them.
  • Bugswarms do not deal damage to each other, or to spiders and enemies wearing armor.
  • Bugswarms only have 500 hp (the same as a summoned Zombie using Raise Dead magick) and do not last long against tougher enemies.
  • Bugswarms move rather slowly at speed 2 (same speed as a summoned Zombie using Raise Dead magick).
  • Like other summoned minions (Summon Elemental, Raise Dead, Summon Tree Spirit) Bugswarms do not follow your character and only move when there are nearby enemies (about a screen radius).
  • Quickly replaced by other weapons, not very useful on the long term.
  • Many players find the bugs to be loud.


"Mea Culpa" is a Latin phrase that translates into English as "my mistake" or "my fault", and this weapon is a reference to the fact that Paradox has had to release a large number of patches (Patched Robe) in a short period of time in order to fix the many bugs (Bug Staff) and broken features (Broken Sword) in the game.