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Captain Bjorn.png
Captain Bjorn as he appears Magicka
Name Captain Bjorn
Species Human
Appearance Brown hair, blue tunic, and a red cape
Alliance Good
First Encountered In an outpost

Captain Bjorn is a character who greets the player(s) upon entering the outpost north of Castle Aldrheim.

There is nothing excessively special about Captain Bjorn. He is essentially as good as every other human soldier, except it can be assumed that he has higher health and a stronger attack. Even so, it is still easy for him to die when the Forest Troll attacks the outpost.

If he dies during the Troll attack, a soldier will run into the outpost, grieve over his death, and tell you to leave through the north-east gate to get to Havindr. If he lives, he will tell you that he was sent to the outpost to escort you to Havindr, but because of "how well you handled yourself in that fight", he simply points you in the right direction and leaves you to go on your merry way. If he lives but you kill him after, both events play out.

If he dies you can pick up his axe from the ground. If he lives he will give it to you.


His dialogue is a reference to a Swedish television series in which "Vid balders balle" (By the balls of Baldr) was said multiple times.

Interestingly, he doesn't re-appear at the outpost during Chapter 7; The outpost is occupied only by simple soldiers.