Spell Casting

A photo of a spell being cast.

Spell casting is the most important feature in Magic. Learning to master spell casting is what separate true wizards from those that become snacks for dragons. Casting a spell consists of selecting zero to five Elements and selecting a casting method.

Beam (Force if no elements conjured) (Right-Click)

Spells cast using the Force method are cast in front of the wizard. They include half shields, projectiles, sprays and lightning arcs. Most force spells can be sustained or charged by holding the button either prior to or during casting.


  • Flame Burst is cast using a single Fire element and the Force casting method
  • Push is cast using no elements and using the Force casting method
  • Death Ray is cast using a single Arcane element and the Force casting method

Area (Shift-Right-Click)

Spells cast using the Area method take effect in the immediate area surrounding the wizard. Area effects include blasts, full-shields and earth-stuns. These spells usually cannot be charged or sustained, though the Area Push can be charged prior to casting.


Self (Middle-Click)

Spells cast using the Self method directly affect the wizard themselves. The most common use for the self-cast is the Life element, which creates a healing spell. Other uses include for example Water or Cold to put out a fire, or Fire to thaw a Wizard’s freezing bones. However, the wise Wizard knows that one must take great care when casting spells upon oneself. There’s many a novice been blown to bits by misdirected Arcane elements.


Enchant (Shift-Left-Click)

Spells cast using the Enchant method infuse your weapon with the power of an element, or if the weapon is already enchanted, the new spell is added to it. Once the weapon is filled with spells, additional enchantments dissipate harmlessly. When you use a weapon that has been infused with a spell, the spell will be unleashed upon your target, after which new spells can be bound to the weapon.


Boost (Space Bar)

This is the casting method one needs to employ in order to cast Magick, which is the difference between a wizard and a world-saving Wizard. When one finds a Tome, it gives instructions on how to cast a Magick and it is only by using the Boost casting method that it will reach its full potential.


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