Chain Lightning Information Chain lightning.png
Game Description: A low ceiling preventing the use of Thunder Bolt? Several foes in need shock therapy? Chain lightning is your answer: its new and improved formula will have enemies and friends alike crying out in agony as you unleash horizontal bolts of pure pain
Combination: Lightning (A)Lightning (A)Lightning (A)
Keycode: AAA
Location: Chapter 2: Just after you pass the tree that was blocking the path, after killing the cultists head upward, you can not open the gate unless you are wearing the detective robes, but you can smoke bomb past it with the rogue robes, the magick is to the right on some stone steps. Only can be obtained in DLC The Stars Are Left.

Spell effects[]

Chain Lightning is a directional bolt of electrical damage dealing an almost instant 850 damage (1,700 if the target is wet) to *number* targets


  • Very easy element combination
  • Extremely reliable damage and stun
  • Can be safely used around friendly targets as long as there aren't enough targets for the damage to reach them and it is directed away from them
  • Just like any lightning spell, it can be used to effectively heal friendly wizards wearing Cyber Robes.
  • An almost foolproof way to turn the tides on a group swarming you is to use (Water(Q)Water(Q)Water(Q)Water(Q)Water(Q)+area), dry yourself if necessary, and repeatedly casting Chain Lightning


  • The first target must be moderately close
  • Possibly dangerous in multiplayer


  • The In-Game description for the spell has a typo: Several foes in need "of" shock therapy?
  • The description is shockingly reminiscent of the plasmid advertisements in the Bioshock series where they ask questions and present their spell as the answer, as if they are selling it to you
  • In the picture, the affected wizard is holding a sausage.