Chapter Eleven (Magicka)

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Checklists[edit | edit source]

These are listed in order of game appearance.

For visual support, refer to this video :

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Ach sherlock.jpg

Sherlock Holmes
Find all secret areas in the game.

  • 12/14 - Invisibility Magick - Head south along the snow cliff you find to the east after the first 2 snow trolls in Area 1.
  • 13/14 - Summon Elemental Magick - Located northwest over a narrow bridge after defeating the small detachment of dwarves in the Grand Hall of the fortress (in Area 3).
  • 14/14 - Holy Divider - At the dwarven army (long hallway before lava area) in Area 4, using lightning on the cog at the wall near the grid door will unlock it (Warning: you will permanently lose your current weapon unless you die before the next checkpoint. If you wish to keep Gram, get this secret then suicide immediately).
Ach moose.jpg

King's Quest
Find all the moose.

  • 11/12 - In the castle, northwest of the entrance in Area 2. A Snow Troll will be eating the corpse.
Ach dragon.jpg

Dragon "Slayer"
Defeat Fafnir.
Defeat Fafnir (boss) at the end of the Chapter in Area 6.

Ach legend.jpg

Stuff of legends
Defeat Fafnir by striking him with Gram.
Defeat Fafnir by striking him with Gram obtained in Chapter Two.

Magicks[edit | edit source]

Ach robehat.jpg

I put on my robe and wizard hat
Acquire all Magicks in adventure mode.

  • 18/21 - Invisibility - See Secret 12/14 above.
  • 19/21 - Summon Elemental - See Secret 13/14 above.
  • 20/21 - Corporealize - Obtained automatically on defeating Fafnir.

Items[edit | edit source]

  • Staves
  • Weapons
    • Axe of the Dwarf Champion (High Physical/Slow) - Dropped by Dwarf Champions in Area 3 onwards.
    • Holy Divider (High Physical/Slow, Armour Piercing) - See Secret 14/14 above.
    • Arcane Saber (High Arcane/Fast) - In the area with the lava (Area 5), go up and right across the lava (freezing it with cold or water) after the manual checkpoint. The weapon is beside a skeleton.

Monsters and Bosses[edit | edit source]

Chapter Story[edit | edit source]

Chapter 11 - Raiders of the Lost Ruins
Continuing their misscommunication, the wizards entered into a fight with Death himself, somehow emerging victorious. Death -- who really is a nice guy, all things considered -- decided to help the wayward wizards, and teleported them to Galdrhöll Mountains, where the ancient Fafnir supposedly dwelled. The cold was blistering and terrible, but signs of a nearby castle offered a glimmer of hope.

Area 1 - Gates[edit | edit source]

Death sends you to the snowy mountains of Galdrhöll Mountains free of charge, causing a few trees to burn and fall as you appear in the wilds. Future Vlad decides to conveniently appear and berate you for having no social skills since you kept your mouth shut at Death. He informs you that Fafnir lives in the ancient troll ruins up ahead before disappearing.

As you move out, you will watch another small cutscene reminiscent of Ski Free (an Old Microsoft Game) with a skier being eaten by a Snow Troll in 1 hit (Note: This is not an exaggeration, you CAN get eaten in 1 hit and is a source of much frustration). A Snow Troll will come from behind you immediately after the cutscene ends.

Tip TIP: The easiest way to kill Snow Trolls is to use Charm (Life (W)Shield (E)Earth (D)+spacebar) on them. The charmed target stops moving completely and you will have a full 15 seconds to kill it in any manner you wish without retaliation. For much more ways, see the article on Snow Trolls.

Continuing, another Snow Troll will appear from behind the trees in the northwest just after you pass the blood splatter, then another from the south shortly after the path narrows as you continue. This third Snow Troll exits a small path at the bottom of the screen. After you kill the third Snow Troll (near the first torch that is lit), follow the small path it emerged from south as far as you can and you will obtain the Invisibility Magick from the remains of a frozen wizard. If you use the Invisibility Magick while going north, you can avoid killing another two Snow Trolls.

Tip TIP: Invisibility (Arcane (S)Shield (E)SteamArcane (S)+spacebar) is a very useful Magick that allows you to travel unseen by enemies. It lasts indefinitely until you cast a spell or Magick, take damage, step on a mine, etc.

Once you get to the flame symbol on the floor in front of a large door, click on the symbol, and it will give you the message "There is a flame symbol on the floor", charge up a Fire spell (Fire (F)Fire (F) is enough) and Area cast it. The door will attempt to open outwards, realize it cannot do so, then slide open sideways in the typical Magicka humor.

Area 2 - Broken Hall[edit | edit source]

After you go through the door it is advisable to move slowly. You will first see a Snow Troll eating a moose (Moose 11) towards the northwest. It will notice you when you get close or if you attack it. It is possible to use Invisibility to get to the moose and examine it, it will not bring you out of Invisibility. The remainder of this area can be bypassed with Invisibility or chain Teleport.

Alternatively, if you like the challenge, continue around the bend, keep to the bottom of the screen and bait out two more Snow Trolls so that you can kill them without also having to contend with a Malignant Beholder up north.

As you head north, you will be attacked by the Malignant Beholder, which are more dangerous than the Snow Troll! They

  1. Shoot volleys of arcane bolts that curve at you
  2. Shoot volleys of freeze bolts that will freeze you
  3. Shoots a missile that looks like a huge water bomb that will instantly kill you.

Just like the Snow Trolls, the Charm Magick works on it. Kill it with a strong beam and continue north.

Tip TIP: You can skip part of this area and all of area 3 by teleporting (Lightning (A)Arcane (S)Lightning (A)+spacebar) to the left from the left part of this room.

Area 3 - Grand Hall[edit | edit source]

You will come across a Dwarf Priest and 4 Dwarf Warriors. Dwarf Warriors are powerful foes but move rather slowly. They have the following attacks and spells:

  1. A melee attack that does 440 damage
  2. Teleport (Lightning (A)Arcane (S)Lightning (A)+spacebar)
  3. Self-Dry/Thaw (Fire (F)+Self) (rarely used)
  4. Self-heal (Life (W)+Self) (used only after a long period of lack of combat)

Dwarf Priests on the other hand have a Lightning resistance aura thanks to the Righteous Rod of Runes that they wield and have a larger repertoire of moves:

  1. Asteroids (Earth (D)Earth (D)Earth (D)Earth (D)Earth (D)) which will kill you if you aren't protected appropriately
  2. Freezing Chain Lighting (Lightning (A)Lightning (A)Lightning (A)Cold (R))
  3. Fire Spray (Fire (F)Fire (F)Fire (F))
  4. Self-Shield (Shield (E)+Self)
  5. Self-Dry/Thaw (Fire (F)+Self)
  6. Self-Heal (Life (W)+Self)

As soon as the cutscene is over, put up a Self-Shield immediately (Shield (E)+Self). Maintain this Self-Shield at all times otherwise you are in danger of being instantly killed by the Dwarf Priest's Asteroids. Finish off the 4 Dwarf Warriors however you want to, but be warned that they can cast Teleport. This also can be their downfall. If you wet the guards in any way before they reach you, they will kill themselves trying to cast Teleport. An effective way to kill them is to cast Water(Q)Water(Q)Water(Q)Water(Q)Water(Q)+Area while maintaining your self-shield against the Dwarf Priest and wait for them to suicide. The Dwarf Priest drops a Righteous Rod of Runes if you are into getting some Lightning immunity (probably not since the Aristo-Staff is better).

Proceed around the chamber; if you head right instead of teleporting up, your screen will shift to show a detachment of Dwarf Warriors accompanied by a Dwarf Champion march into the room. This detachment will continue in your direction; again, wetting them will cause them to kill themselves when they try to use Teleport. The Dwarf Champion has all the abilities of the Dwarf Warriors, except his axe is more powerful and deals 680 damage per hit. Not surprisingly, the Dwarf Champion drops an Axe of the Dwarf Champion after he dies.

When you reach the fork in the north part of the chamber, take the northwest path. Be warned, there is another Malignant Beholder waiting across the bridge, accompanied by two more Dwarf Warriors. Take care of them in whatever way you see fit, and use an Area Fire spell on the platform to open the door. Inside is the Summon Elemental Magick (Secret 13).

Tip TIP: Summon Elemental (Arcane (S)Shield (E)Earth (D)SteamArcane (S)+spacebar) summons an inactive Elemental which looks like the ones you saw back in the previous chapter in Niflheim. To activate the elemental, simply attack it with any element (any of Water(Q)Life (W)Cold (R)Lightning (A)Arcane (S)Fire (F) will work. Shield (E)Earth (D)Ice do not work and Steam has the same effect as Cold (R)). The elemental will take the form of whichever element touches it first, and will subsequently be healed by that same element. You can summon multiple Elementals to fight for you up to a maximum of 16 minions.

Exit the chamber and go south to reach a battlement overlooking the courtyard of Area 2. Move along the battlement, but keep an earth wall ready, because when you reach the half-way point, two snow trolls will climb up the wall and proceed to try and eat you. Proceed to the next area.

Area 4 - Inner Sanctum[edit | edit source]

Walk a short way forward and watch the cutscene as an entire dwarven army marches into the grand hallway ahead of you. Future Vlad will show up and comment that an ordinary person would probably have hidden (which is actually a good thing to do, use invisibility). The dwarven army can be a very difficult fight. There are at least 3 Malignant Beholders, 3 Dwarf Priests (if you thought one was easy, wait until there are 3 trying to instant-kill you), and many Dwarf Warriors and Champions.

You have three choices: meet them in the bottlenecked hallway you are currently in, draw them into the room off to the side or hide in this room. If you try to bring them into the side room though, wetting the guards down won't work, because they will use Teleport to bypass the bottleneck. Here are some common techniques used to defeat the army:

  1. Use the Steam Lightning beam (SteamSteamArcane (S)Lightning (A)Lightning (A) to make this fight very easy. It has a very long range and they have no defense. The beholders will be stunned, blocking the path and slowing the entire army, the dwarf warriors and champions will die very quickly, creating a small explosion that will break the shields of any dwarf priests that shielded themselves.
  2. Raise Dead to distract the army from attacking you. Then constantly Summon Death (your Zombies will bring the enemy hitpoints percentage below yours which should be at 100%). Summon Death does not work on the undead which your Zombies certainly are.
  3. Time Warp and use a powerful beam multiple times down the corridor before you can even see the enemies.
  4. Charm the enemies and have them attack each other, and then throw in your own spells.

If you hide in the side room, the army will pass and ignore you. There will be still some dwarfs left, but the fight should be a lot easier.

When you are finished with the dwarven army, you can head back into that side room, and Future Vlad will compliment you on your martial prowess, and will advise you to move forward. Interestingly, the corner of that room contains a pile of dead princesses. When finished with the side room, head back out and into the grand hallway. Travel along the right side of the grand hallway until you see a pair of gears and a metal grating blocking a hallway that splits off to the northeast side. Use a pure lightning spell a couple of times on the gears to activate the mechanism and move the grate up. Inside this room (Secret 14), a Dwarf Smith will automatically toss you a Holy Divider, discarding your current weapon. There is nothing special about the room besides the sword and smith.

Tip WARNING: You will lose your current weapon (not the staff) on entering the Smithy and automatically acquiring the Holy Divider. If you want your weapon back (because you're keeping Gram perhaps?), suicide immediately outside the Smithy and go through the pain of killing the entire dwarven army again. Alternatively, you can pick up one of the dropped Axe of the Dwarf Champion in the hallway (thus leaving the weapon you want to keep on the floor), go into the smithy, and then pick up your weapon from the floor once you've left the smithy.
Tip TIP: You can use Invisibility to avoid killing any of the dwarven army and just walk into the next area. This is useful if you do not intend to visit the Smithy.

Area 5 - Magma Caverns[edit | edit source]

When you proceed through the large doors at the end of the grand hallway, you will come out into a very large lava-flooded room. It is very much like the first area when you come to Niflheim. The lava can be frozen, and many areas can actually be bypassed using that process. Dwarf Priests are present here, and they will use their boulder spells mercilessly so keep your Self-Shield up at all times. This is also the first and only place you will encounter Fire Drakes, they don't really do much but spit fireballs at you. The Fire Drakes are susceptible to Ice and Frost, choose your weapon.

Since this room is very free-form, the Arcane Saber is northeast of the only checkpoint stone in the room. Following the stone pathways and cutting across with frozen lava whenever possible will get you to the checkpoint stone. From the checkpoint stone, freeze the lava and go directly northeast until you reach a small island with two Fire Drakes on it. Dispatch them, then move directly north. There should be another island with one Fire Drake and a dead skeleton, that's the island you're looking for. Deal with the Fire Drake, and pick up the lightsaber-like object lying next to the skeleton to obtain the Arcane Saber.

Proceed west back onto the stone pathways and follow them until you reach locations where you have to freeze lava to move on. The area becomes very linear and hard to become lost in. Near the very end, you will reach what seems like a dead end blocked by a huge pile of rubble. Either Teleport over it, or freeze the lava just south of the rubble to travel around it.

Once on the other side of the rubble which also has the door leading to Fafnir, Future Vlad will show up and once again ask you to politely explain to Fafnir that Midgård is in danger and that Fafnir needs to teach you Corporealize. Enter Fafnir's chamber.

Area 6 - Fafnir[edit | edit source]

Walk up the room until you reach Fafnir, who was sleeping. Apparently he is annoyed by your presence and believes you are trying to steal his cache of gold, and will start a fight with you. His name as "Fafnir, The Burninator" is well deserved.

Fafnir, the Burninator
Max Hitpoints 35'000
Species Dragon
Appearances Chapter 11
Weaknesses Stomach, Gram
Regeneration ?
Speed ?
Score Value ?

Fafnir is a large black dragon sitting on his cache of gold. He does not move off his treasure at any time in the fight and is content to attack you from where he sits. he has the following behaviors:

  1. Stands up on 2 legs and shoot a fireball at you
  2. Stands up on 2 legs and shoot a beam of fire at you that will follow you around at slightly less than the speed of the wizard, will knock you back and up if it hits you while dealing fire damage
  3. Breathes fire in a cone in front of his head if a wizard is close by
  4. Uses his wings to knock back anything close
  5. Moves his tail to knock back anything close
  6. When his hp gets around half and lower he will start to use his Confuse ability which will reverse your movement direction and switch the 2 rows of elements
  7. When his hp is down to a quarter he will start to use his fire beam at the ceiling making huge chunks of it fall down on you knocking you around and dealing damage
  8. At 80%, 60%, 40% and 20% of his health, he will destroy parts of the floor for you to fall into the lava

If you stay only at range, he will alternate between attacks 1 and 2.

Tip TIP: If you have managed to hold onto Gram up to this point, simply run or Teleport to Fafnir's stomach and hit him with it once to deal 18,000,303 damage to him, defeating him instantly and earning you the "Stuff of Legends" achievement. Talk about anti-climatic.

There are several ways to kill Fafnir. However, most of them require you to maintain a Fire-immunity shield (Fire (F)Shield (E)+Self) to prevent him from killing you in short order.

  1. Teleport between his bright belly and his tail. Deal at least 7000 damage (20% of his health) in any manner (spam Ice+Right Click) to his belly quickly. This causes Fafnir to destroy parts of the floor, during which you can deal another 7000 damage, which causes him to destroy more of the floor...
  2. Constantly use Haste to escape the fireball and beams of fire. Use any remainder time to damage Fafnir with a strong projectile or beam attack. The M60 also works well. Shield Bubbles can also deflect the fire.
  3. A combination of the above 2 tactics also works. There are certain spots on the ground that will not be destroyed by falling debris during the 20% boss health intervals, and some of these spots can attack Fafnir without being blocked by the tail, so if you deal packages of 7000 damage in quick succession, you won't have to do much running or dodging.
  4. Teleport to his belly and Summon Death and Teleport away quickly. When Death swings at where you were, he hits Fafnir and kills him.

Defeating Fafnir will complete the 'Dragon "Slayer"' achievement.

Just before you are about to strike the killing blow, Future Vlad will intervene to prevent you from killing Fafnir. He will plead to Fafnir that he teaches you Corporealize. Fafnir will do so, and teleport you back to World's End. Honestly, if Vlad can teleport anywhere he wants, why can't he just teleport to Fafnir and tell him -before- the battle begins? After all, he was just talking to you a few minutes ago outside Fafnir's room!

Tip TIP: Corporealize (Arcane (S)SteamLightning (A)Shield (E)Arcane (S)+spacebar) draws creatures that are in the ethereal world into the corporeal world so that you are able to defeat them. This means that it works on all Daemons (those in Chapter Six) as well as Assatur. On a more useless side note, it also works on Death and Future Vlad.