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Ach magicka.jpg

This is Magicka!
Push the soldier in battlefield down the hole.
Push the soldier standing next to a circular hole into it at the start of the chapter in Area 1.

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King's Quest
Find all the moose.

  • 6/12 - At end of the straight road in the field just before the activated checkpoint in Area 2.
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Defeat Khan.
Defeat Khan (boss) at the end of the chapter in Area 4.


Ach robehat.jpg

I put on my robe and wizard hat
Acquire all Magicks in adventure mode.

  • 9/21 - Time Warp - Head west immediately after leaving the war camp in Area 1.


  • Staves
    • Staff of War (Physical Resistance Aura, Doubles HP/Arcane Bolt) - Dropped from Disciples throughout the chapter
    • Staff of Life (Regeneration Aura/Revive) - To the left on a big field after the destroyed human village in Area 2
    • Scythe of Malevolence (Life resistance/Poison spray) - Leaning on a fence just before entering the destroyed village in Area 2
    • Tesla Staff (Increased lightning range/Lightning bolt) - A few steps east of the activated checkpoint in Area 3
  • Weapons
    • Sausage On Stick (Low Physical/Fast, Makes enemies more likely to attack you) - Near the soldiers' fire in the war camp at the beginning of the chapter in Area 1
    • Captain's Axe (Medium Physical) - Murder the red cloaked captain at the catapult in the starting area in Area 1
    • Thunderblade (Medium physical and lightning) - Dropped by Orc Captains after the first checkpoint in Area 1
    • Knife of Counter-Striking (Low Physical/Fast, Increases Movement Speed) - On the ground next to a box of crates surrounded by wooden spikes just northwest of the frozen river battle event in Area 2

Monsters and Bosses[]

Chapter Story[]

Chapter 5 - Havindr strikes back
Havindr was in flames, but the siege had been broken, and the human army prepared their counter-attack. As the sun rose, there stood thousands... or well... hundreds... or certainly at least fifty stalwart men! Recent team building exercises had kept them on their toes, and now they were ready to stand against the fearsome warlord Khan.

Area 1[]

Once you enter the area the king will talk to a man standing next to a deep hole. Apparently, you have just been persuaded the lead the frontal assault on Khan's Stronghold. If you use Push to push the guy into the hole you will obtain the achievement "This is Magicka!". Southeast of the large hole there are two people sitting around a campfire, on that campfire you will find Sausage On Stick.

At the huge catapult ahead, you can kill the red cloaked captain for a Captain's Axe. Going north (after the catapult) you will encounter some Orc Scouts and Goblin Commandos. Goblin Commandos behave like Goblin Rangers when you are far away and shoot arrows, but behave like Goblin Rogues when you are close by and try to melee or grab you. They attack in a large close group so using a beam or a spray can cut through them quickly.

When you cutscene ends, take the path to the immediate left, where you will find the Time Warp Magick. Continue along the path, grab the checkpoint and move on to find an Arbalest War Troll. These guys are nasty and have enough health to survive a Thunder Bolt. They carry a huge iron cannon which they use to launch shells at you, either in a straight line or in an overhead arc. However, their greatest strength is also their greatest weakness. Arbalest War Trolls will ALWAYS be hit by Thunder Bolts, so use them often. Goblin Commandos will be hiding in bushes around the west of this area. Using Conflagration is effective at revealing them.

Tip TIP: Time Warp (Cold (R)Shield (E)+spacebar) slows down time. Everything will be in slow motion, including yourself and the screen will be desaturated of color until the effects end. While it does not actually let you cast spells faster, it does allow you more time to think and react to get a critical spell out with a difficult key combination out relatively sooner. Also, if you use Haste during a time warp your speed will be boosted back to normal with the time warp still in effect.

Continuing along the path you will encounter more Orc Scouts, a single Disciple, and two Orc Warriors led by an Orc Captain. Watch out for this guy, as he draws a Thunderblade when his shield is destroyed. Note that the Orc Captain sometimes drops 2 Thunderblades because he effectively dies twice with it, in stage 2 (without shield) and stage 3 (without armor) unless you use freezing spells to kill it.

If you are not using a Staff of War yet, you are highly recommended to pick up the one dropped by the Disciple now as it will be extremely useful against Khan later on. Do not idle in the area as more Orc Scouts and Orc Berserkers will spawn if you do not move. Continue up the path once they are all dead and enter the next area.

Area 2[]

Area 2 is a destroyed village infested by orcs. Use Thunder Bolt or high damage beams to quickly kill them. The Scythe of Malevolence is leaning against a fence at the entrance of the village. Inside the village, you will find a massive War Troll carrying a gigantic hammer. It is a good idea to stay away from this troll as it will always kill you in one hit. He is supported by 2 Orc Scouts and an Orc Warrior. Once you have killed the War Troll you will be attacked by a large group of Goblin Commandos and a few Orc Scouts (Conflagration works well with cleaning out the goblins here). Once you have cleared the village, continue on to a large field. An Orc Berserker will attack you as you approach.

Immediately go far left once you enter the field to find a Staff of Life. Continue to find a grinder with two Orc Berserkers. Coming up to support them are more orcs and another Disciple. There's also a moose (Moose 6).

Continue along, grabbing the checkpoint on the right at the end of the field. There is an obvious Goblin Commando ambush here. Take them all out before arriving at the wide river. This is a large battle where waves of enemies will come at you. Using fireballs (Fire (F)Earth (D)) melts the ice, drowning any enemies (and you), hence stay at the bottom left corner of the river bank. About halfway through, an Arbalest War Troll appears and starts shelling you from the other side of the river. Keep off the ice as the shells also break large areas of the ice. Shoot fireballs to drown any enemies that approach. Finally take down the Arbalest War Troll with a long range beam spell from your side of the river bank and continue when it is safe.

Tip TIP: Meteor Shower (Fire (F)Earth (D)SteamEarth (D)Fire (F)+spacebar) is very helpful since it will more likely than not destroy large parts of the river. Be careful not to be on the river when casting it though.

Right after the river, you will pass a small barricade of wooden spikes on your west side. On the ground next to a box of crates is the Knife of Counter-Striking. Using it actually increases your movement speed and this stacks with the Haste Magick.

Moving north, you will be attacked by an Orc Warrior and his two mates, then reach a bridge over a trench. You are now on the edge of the Orc base, and what a base it is! Go across the bridge then go up either side to go to the next area.

Area 3[]

This area is a bit confusing to describe. The area is divided by a large trench that is shaped like a big letter "S" and you are at the southern end of the "S". There are two high ground areas within the circular loops of the "S", a northern one and a southern one and they are linked together by a bridge. However this bridge is not drawn, you have to find a switch on the southern plateau to go to the northern one.

When you start the area, you will see a bridge. Activate the bridge with the lever, and scamper across to the southern plateau. To your immediate right is an Arbalest War Troll shelling you from a barricaded high ground area. Use Thunder Bolt twice to kill it and cleanup the rest of the orcs and Goblin Commandos in whatever manner you like. Follow the faint brown road on the ground northwards which eventually leads to an open bridge leading to the northeast. You cannot go across yet, so head northwest from here. Kill the three orcs guarding a cage with a War Troll in it, taking care that the orcs do not knock you backwards into the trench. If they do, you will have to walk all the way to the southeast to get out of the trench.

Tip TIP: Thunder Bolt (SteamLightning (A)Arcane (S)Lightning (A)+spacebar) is incredibly useful here as it allows you to hit enemies that are elevated in platforms above you or in trenches below you. Use it a lot.

Just west of the cage is a small ramp leading up to a lever that activates the bridge you saw earlier. However, activating the lever will also open the cage containing the War Troll. Go back to the cage first and use two Thunder Bolts to kill it, then activate the lever.

Continue across the second bridge to the northern plateau. Use strong beam spells to kill the Orc Captain and his two escorts as they attempt to cross the bridge. This plateau is considerably smaller. Grab the checkpoint at the northern edge of it then head right. There is another lever there that you can pull to bring down the barrier directly to the east of it for an alternate ramp out of the trenches. Stand north of the lever and use Thunder Bolts to kill the Arbalest War Troll on the platform above you. A few steps to your left on the ground is a Tesla Staff. Its passive ability increases your lightning range by about 50% and also has the active ability Lightning Bolt. All things considered, the Staff of War is still a better choice with its Arcane Bolt active ability.

Cross the bridge. You will see two more cages. These will open as soon as the Orc Berserker on top sees you, take them out quickly with more Thunder Bolts. Go to the southeast platform where the Arbalest War Troll was. Flick the switch on it and be ready for a big fight.

Eight Orc Warriors, two Disciples and a War Troll will make a grand entrance. This is a fairly difficult fight due to their numbers. Here are some possible strategies to deal with them.

  1. Use Haste immediately and run down the platform and south back across the bridge. Use the bridge as a chokepoint and use strong beam spells.
  2. Run down the platform near them, then use Cold (R)Earth (D)Earth (D)Earth (D)Earth (D)+Area Cast to slow and knock them down. Move closer, repeat the cast until most of the enemies are caught in the area slow and knockdown. Finally alternate between the area stun and SteamLightning (A)Arcane (S)Arcane (S)Arcane (S)+Area Cast to finish them.
  3. Stay on the platform and use blocking fissures on the ramp leading up to you. For example, imbue your weapon with IceLightning (A)Lightning (A)Lightning (A)Shield (E)+Shift+Left Click, then swing your weapon with Shift+Left Click at the ramp. A series of lightning cold fissures will appear, damaging enemies that go near it.

Once the threat is taken care of, The King and his army appears and everyone enters the Keep to confront Khan.

Area 4 - Khan[]

It appears that Khan has been expecting The King. They exchange words, with Khan taunting that the rest of his army has surrounded Havindr while they battle to reach him. The King gets cold feet and retreats his entire army for Havindr, leaving you to fight Khan alone.

Khan, Warlord of the Orcs
Max Hitpoints 8000
Species Orc
Appearances A large armored orc with a red cape
Weaknesses Lightning (A)
Regeneration 0
Speed 9
Score Value 50

Khan is a large orc wearing a red cape wielding a large sword and a large shield. He moves extremely fast and is a very strong fighter. He has the following attacks:

  1. Charges at you at very high speed, knocking you backwards for 200-250 physical damage.
  2. Once in melee range of you, grabs you with his sword arm and proceeds to bash you on the head with his shield for 260 physical damage per hit. Spam spacebar to break free. Heal yourself as soon as you are free. He will not use this attack if you are on fire. You will also have about half a second when he picks you up to self-cast Fire (F).
  3. Melees you for 200-250 physical damage each with his sword then shield.
  4. Rarely, he will throw three bombs simultaneously at you if you are far enough from him. Push the bombs or run away.
Tip TIP: The Staff of War dropped by Disciples are extremely useful against Khan because it reduces all physical damage by 75% and doubles your hitpoints from 1,000 to 2,000 on top of that!

Time Warp (Cold (R)Shield (E)) and Haste (Lightning (A)Arcane (S)Fire (F)) are extremely helpful magicks in this encounter due to Khan's movement speed. However they are not strictly necessary by any means. Khan is immune to Cold (R) when used by itself as well as being. Because the encounter is held indoors, weather modifying magicks such as Rain and Thunder Bolt will not work.

Some methods of defeating him:

  1. The simplest(and a little time consuming) way to kill Khan is to use earth+arcane AoE spell( (Arcane (S) (Earth (D) + Shift). Spam this spell will keep Khan knocked down everytime he tries to get up, hence doing 0 damage to you. Beware that this takes awhile since each of your spells do only 80ish damage to him.
  2. Douse Khan with Water(Q) in whatever format you find most effective (Water(Q)Earth (D) may be the safest). Once he is wet, quickly target him with a Cold (R) spell of any kind such as a Cold (R)Arcane (S) beam. You'll freeze him, and he'll stay frozen as long as you have the beam on. Once Khan is frozen (thawing takes three seconds), a variety of spells will kill him in his frozen state:
    • A charged Blizzard Ball (Earth (D)IceIceIceIce) will one-shot him.
    • A strong lightning based beam spell (SteamSteamArcane (S)Lightning (A)Lightning (A)) will kill him in one second as Khan is considered wet AND wearing metal armor. Make sure you aren't wet when using Lightning (A) spells.
  3. Kite him with Haste (Lightning (A)Arcane (S)Fire (F)+Spacebar) and use one of the following strategies while avoiding Khan's melee attacks:
    • Use area attacks (such as SteamLightning (A)Arcane (S)Arcane (S)Arcane (S)+Area Cast) when he is near. 4 powerful area casts are sufficient.
    • Imbue your weapon (such as SteamSteamArcane (S)Lightning (A)Lightning (A)+Imbue) then swing it at him when he comes near. 3 powerful imbued swings will kill him.
    • Use mines. Simple arcane mines (Arcane (S)Shield (E)) will hurt him quite effectively. This strategy is fairly difficult to pull off as it is easy to step on a mine yourself and you have to turn around to cast mines in Khan's direction all the time.
    • Use Tesla Staff's active ability of Lightning Bolt. This staff is obtained at the previous area next to the activated checkpoint. It takes about 6 casts to kill Khan this way.
  4. Set yourself on fire with a simple Fire (F)+Self Cast and maintain the fire. Khan will no longer try to grab you with his sword arm and will only melee you and sometimes move back to do a charge attack. With a Staff of War, it is relatively easy to heal up and use any method above to defeat him (a strong lightning beam is the easiest).

Defeating Khan will complete the "KHAAAAAAAAN!" achievement.

With Khan's dying breath, he informs you that Grimnir the Dark Lord will not be stopped at World's End. Vlad appears in a comfortable posture on Khan's throne, approach it and Vlad will congratulate you. However, he sets you on a new task to travel to World's End immediately to find out what happened to Grimnir.