These are listed in order of game appearance.

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Ach moose.jpg

King's Quest
Find all the moose.

  • 5/12 - Go west just before the city gates of Havindr in Area 1.
Ach sherlock.jpg

Sherlock Holmes
Find all secret areas in the game.

  • 6/14 - Warhammer - Inside Havindr, head North right after Vlad first appears and talks to you after the bridge in Area 3.
Ach hawking.jpg

I call it a Hawking Hole
Make 50 enemies get sucked into the same Vortex.
If this is not your first playthrough (i.e You can cast Vortex magick obtained from Chapter Twelve), the best place to do this achievement is at the end of Area 6 with the never ending waves of orcs and goblins, or in Area 7 with the spawning Disciples during The Machine fight.

Ach king.jpg

Saved by the king
Defeat the Warlock and Machine.
Defeat The Machine and the Warlock at the end of the chapter in Area 7.


Ach robehat.jpg

I put on my robe and wizard hat
Acquire all Magicks in adventure mode.

  • 7/21 - Tornado - Before entering the city on the left of the main path in the trees on the south side of the wrecked airship in Area 1.
  • 8/21 - Conflagration - On the floor inside a burning building (Area 5) that you are forced to detour through in Area 4.


  • Staves
    • Shield Staff (Increase the rate at which shields are boosted/Immediately cast a self shield) - Inside the closet beside the door of your inn room as you wake to the town falling under siege in Area 2.
    • Staff of War (Physical Resistance Aura, Doubles HP/Arcane Bolt) - Dropped from a Disciple in the market in Area 3, or from the Disciples during The Machine boss encounter in Area 7.
  • Weapons
    • Mjölner (Medium Physical/Slow, Lightning strikes target on hit) - Hanging above the second door on the left as if it were a sign in Havindr just after entering the city in Area 1.
    • Captain's Axe (Medium Physical) - Dropped by Admiral Agnar if you murder him just before entering the inn in Area 1, or if you murder him again in the market in Area 3.
    • Warhammer (Medium Physical/Pushes target back) - See Secret 6/14 above.
    • Gungnir (Medium Physical/Slow, ranged, armor piercing) - Propped against a market stall on the northwest side of the market in Area 3.
    • Blade of Chill (Medium Physical and Cold/Slow, creates a cold blast in front of wielder) - Left of where the Town Grinder breaks through a wall, behind a fire and pile of debris in Area 5.

Monsters and Bosses[]

Chapter Story[]

Chapter 4 - A New Hope
Saving the village of Dunderhaed earned the wizards a carriage ride to Havindr, where the good king awaited them at the end of their journey. And just as they reached the city gates, the first snowflakes fell.

Area 1[]

Finally made it Havindr! Head west off the road immediately where you will you see yet another crashed airship. The Tornado magick is hidden amongst the trees next to the southern side of the ship. Continue north after picking it up, but turn left at the fork instead of going straight to the gate. To the north of the airship is another dead moose (Moose 5). What's up with all these dead mooses? Er... moose? Meese?

Now go back to the gates to trigger a short cutscene of the city gates opening. Enter the city. If you talk to the first person inside the city, he tells you that he saw a tall pale man with long black hair walk out of the wreckage unscathed. Hmmm... Who can that be? Don't worry about checking any of the doors, they are all locked. But there is one building near the city gates with a sign that looks like a hanging hammer (next to a woman in blue); it turns out that the hammer is actually Mjölner so grab it if you want it!

Then just continue following the road north until you trigger a cutscene where Admiral Agnar along with a troop of soldiers runs over to meet you. He says that The King cannot meet you today and advises you to rest in the inn next to him. Walk into the open inn door since you can do little else. Well, I suppose you could murder Admiral Agnar if you really want a Captain's Axe.

Area 2[]

While you are resting, a meteor crashes into the inn and wrecks part of your room.

When you regain control, open the cabinet next to the exit to get the Shield Staff (which allows you to boost shields faster or cast a self shield immediately), then toss the staff because it is not very useful, then head out and let the battle begin!

Tip TIP: Healing spells and healing mines can boost shields much faster than spamming spacebar can.

Area 3[]

Once outside the inn, head east to the bridge killing the Goblin Rogues and Goblin Bombers on the way. Once you get to the bridge you will meet a new enemy, the Orc Scout. The Orc Scout is stronger than the average goblin, but it's nothing to fret over. They have a special ability to latch onto you and start biting you, so be sure to spam the key you bound to Boost to break free. The Orc Scout also has an interesting behavior: they shake themselves dry like a dog if they get wet.

Fight off the waves of enemies at the bridge, then head east to trigger a cutscene. A familiar figure in a black cloak appears and warns you about enemy warlocks ahead. Right after this, head north at the fork in the road to reach a secret area (Secret 6) with a Warhammer. Return to the fork and head east to market. Admiral Agnar is there and yells "IT'S A TARP" before waves of Orc Scouts, Goblin Rogues and Goblin Bombers attack. Before the final wave, a Disciple makes a grand entry.

Disciples are resistant to physical damage (there's a white aura around their feet) because of the Staff of War they are holding and they have the following attacks:

  1. Shoots Arcane beams (Arcane (S)).
  2. Shoots Life bolts (Life (W)+Earth (D)) to heal nearby allies
  3. Shoots Water bolts (Water(Q)+Earth (D)) like the Druids to do an area knockback.
  4. Shield themselves constantly with Shield (E).
Tip TIP: As the disciple's main attack is through arcane magic, casting an arcane shield (Arcane (S)+Shield (E) will greatly reduce damage from him.
Tip WARNING: Do not use beam attacks on the Disciple unless he is knocked down on the floor or stunned. Crossing beams with the Disciple will more than likely get you killed.

Pick up the Staff of War dropped by the Disciple after the battle ends. It doubles your max HP and gives you physical resistance, very good for the solo player. Other objects of interest include the Captain's Axe dropped by the dead Admiral Agnar and a Gungnir propped against a market stall on the northwest side. Gungnir is a ranged throwing spear.

Continue east to the next area.

Area 4[]

Douse the fires blocking your way with water spells or Rain. Continue eastward and you will trigger a cutscene. A Town Grinder crashes through the northern wall and the three soldiers yell "FREEEEEDOM!" (watched Braveheart?) and suicide themselves on the whirling blades. After this, go up and around the debris you had just doused to the left to get the Blade of Chill laying against the side of the building.

You will encounter a new type of orc here called the Orc Berserker. The Orc Berserker loves to do a leaping attack at you to close large distances and the attack knocks you down, so be careful when you see these and try to take them out quickly to stop them from interrupting your spells.

As a fun alternative to damage spells, knockback spells such as Water(Q) can be used to great effect here by pushing enemy orcs into the whirling blades. If the orcs are successfully pushed into the blades they will be diced into gibbets instantly. Be careful, however, as Orc Berserkers are more resistant to knockback than previous enemies and will only be pushed with multiple Water(Q) elements in the same spell.

Continue east, dousing more fires as you go along. Eventually you will reach a large block in the road. Go into the open building above you to go around.

Area 5[]

Douse fires as you progress through the building. You will eventually come across the Conflagration Magick. However, once you get near this Magick, your first Orc Warrior will spawn at the nearby doorway. These guys have lots of health, are armored, and do a charge attack.

Tip TIP: The Orc Warrior is the first enemy with multiple stages of hitpoints. Specifically, it has 250+2200+2200 hitpoints. When you deal 250 damage to it, its iron shield is destroyed and its in-game model downgrades to an Orc Warrior without a shield but is still armored. Do another 2200 damage to it and its body armor is destroyed and its in-game model downgrades again to one without the armor. It even moves faster (from speed 3 to 7 which is the same as an Orc Scout) once this happens. Doing the final 2200 damage will kill it.

The shield will block most magic and must be destroyed either with a high damage spell, such as thunderbolt SteamLightning (A)Arcane (S)Lightning (A) or meteorite Earth (D)Earth (D)Earth (D)Earth (D)Earth (D); or more easily by using a steam spell Steam before it becomes vulnerable to damage. While the shild may have been destroyed, it will still take reduced damage from spells until its armour has been destroyed; but thunder magic will do increased damage because it will boil them in their own armor. These three pictures illustrate the three stages of the Orc Warrior:

Orc Warrior.png Orc warrior noshield.png Orc warrior noarmor.png

When you've taken care of him, head east and out of the door on the south side of the building, taking out the additional Orc Scouts inside if you so choose. Then head east to move to the next area.

Area 6[]

Head northeast and you will find a group of goblins and orcs with Goblin Bombers interspersed; this is a great time to try out your new Conflagration Magick if you want!

Tip TIP: Conflagration (SteamFire (F)SteamFire (F)Steam+spacebar) essentially conjures a heat wave towards the direction the caster is facing. Anyone caught in the heat wave takes 600 fire damage and catches on fire. This will also light up Grease patches on the floor and blow up any Goblin Bombers and bombs left behind by them.

Continue heading northeast, fighting orcs along the way until you get to the checkpoint. Moving forward from here, the guards inform you that the orcs have captured The King and barricaded the door to his castle. The good news is, they have decided to use the gunpowder shipment you delivered to blow up the door. The bad news? The fuse takes 3 minutes to burn. Waves and waves of all the enemies you have seen in this chapter will continually come in from the sides to assault you.

You have four options:

  1. Choose to attack profusely while you wait for 3 minutes;
  2. Choose to heal your friendly NPCs while you wait for 3 minutes;
  3. Cast an AoE shield and keep boosting it for 3 minutes;
  4. Or detonate the charges instantly by casting a fire spell on it (the base of the door).
Tip TIP: You can get the "I call it a Hawking Hole" achievement here on your second playthrough with the Vortex Magick (obtained in Chapter Twelve). Don't blow up the charges, kill all the friendly soldiers first, then cast Vortex in the middle of the city square and run in large circles around it. As long as an enemy walks into it, the duration of the vortex will be extended for another 10 seconds. If you get sucked in accidentally, quickly Teleport (obtained in Chapter Seven) out. You can also shoot an earth pebble (Earth (D)) into a Vortex to extend its duration.

When your bloodlust is satisfied, enter the building to move to the next area, the King's Hall, and your next boss fight. The waves of enemies do not stop spawning.

Area 7[]

As you enter the room, you will be confronted by a scene where The King is about to be drilled to death.

The Machine and the Warlock
The machine.png
Max Hitpoints 5000
Species Structure
Appearances Wooden contraption with a drill
Weaknesses ?
Regeneration ?
Speed ?
Score Value ?

The Machine is a wooden contraption with a drill designed to torture The King. It is operated by an orc pedaling a bicycle on its platform to advance the position of the drill. You need to kill the orc before the drill kills The King. During the fight, two Disciples will enter from the doorway in the northeast. If you kill either or both of them, more Disciples come through the door to keep the number of Disciples at two.

Tip TIP: This is the easiest spot to get the "I call it a Hawking Hole" achievement. Since the Disciples will constantly spawn to keep the number of Disciples at two, if you drop a Vortex in front of the door when one is about to spawn, any others that spawn will get pulled into the Vortex triggering more to spawn. It is best to do this after you have destroyed The Machine, because if you do it in the beginning, The Machine will kill The King before you get the 50 kills required unless you use cold or freeze the orc powering the machine.

Use any means you like to damage the orc on The Machine while dodging the two Disciples. Some methods are:

  1. Use Grease (Water(Q)Earth (D)Life (W)) on the orc and light it up with fire then run around the machine.
  2. Hide behind The Machine on the left side then spam Arcane (S) Area of Effect by holding shift.
  3. Stand below the orc and raise a hemisphere shield to deflect the two Disciples, then kill the orc with beam spells.
  4. Stand beside the machine, cast bubble shield, charge it up and then use steam-arcane-lighting beam (SteamSteamLightning (A)Arcane (S)Lightning (A)) on The Machine.

You have two minutes to destroy The Machine before it kills The King.

Boss Warlock.png
Max Hitpoints 12000
Species Human
Appearances A disciple in dark purple robes
Weaknesses Unknown
Regeneration 0
Speed 4
Score Value 70

After destroying The Machine, the Warlock boss himself will approach you. He is exactly like the regular Disciples but has more hitpoints. See Area 3 above for the list of Disciple attacks.

An effective way to defeat the Warlock is to hide behind The Machine on the left, wait for them to run around the corner to you, cast an area stun (Cold (R)Earth (D)Earth (D)Earth (D)Earth (D)), then cast a couple of area damage spells (SteamArcane (S)Lightning (A)Lightning (A)Lightning (A)) to finish them off. Also, fire is very effective against the machine.

Defeating the Warlock will complete the "Saved by the king" achievement.

As you are about to kill the Warlock, he will teleport to the throne to cast a massive lightning spell. Unfortunately for him, The King will finish him off Star Wars style. And with this, the chapter is complete!