These are listed in order of game appearance.

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Ach eye.jpg

An eye for an eye
Defeat Behold, the watcher.
Defeat Behold the Watcher (boss) in the tutorial dungeon in Area 3

Ach sherlock.jpg

Sherlock Holmes
Find all secret areas in the game.

  • 1/14 - Staff of the White Wizard - Behind the wooden door right after you exit Castle Aldrheim in Area 4
  • 2/14 - Grease Magick - Use Cold (R)Cold (R)Cold (R)Cold (R)Cold (R) to freeze the lake water east of the moose to reach the base of the tower in Area 4.
  • 3/14 - Excalibur - The area far west through the wheat field behind the lady with exclamation mark in Area 5.
Ach moose.jpg

King's Quest
Find all the moose.

  • 1/12 - Right after leaving the castle, you find a man on the road next to a moose in Area 4. Impossible to miss as a cutscene is triggered just for it.
Ach rpg.jpg

RPG much?
Complete all side quests in the game.
Talk to the woman with an exclamation point over her head at the start of Area 5. Killing the attacking goblins and talking to her again will give you this achievement.

Ach trolling.jpg

No more trolling
Defeat Ygg.
Defeat Ygg (boss) at the end of the Chapter in Area 5.


Ach robehat.jpg

I put on my robe and wizard hat
Acquire all Magicks in adventure mode.

  • 1/21 - Haste - Picked up during the tutorial dungeon. Required to pass the tutorial.
  • 2/21 - Revive - Shams automatically teaches this to you right after the tutorial.
  • 22/21 - Meteor Shower - Shams automatically teaches this to you right after the tutorial if you own the bonus Wizard Hat DLC. Note: This does not count toward the achievement.
  • 23/21 - Crash To Desktop - Shams automatically teaches this to you right after the tutorial if you own the bonus Mea Culpa DLC. Note: This does not count toward the achievement.
  • 3/21 - Grease - See Sherlock Holmes 2/14 above.
  • 11/21* - Teleport - This Magick is normally obtained in Chapter Seven. However, a clever use of game mechanics allows players to obtain it in Chapter One. Here is a video that explains how to achieve this. See Magicks page on this spell for further details.


  • Staves
    • Basic Staff (None) - Starting weapon obtained in the tutorial
    • Staff +1 (Increases all spell damage by 1) - This item replaces the Basic Staff if you own the Wizard Hat DLC and use the special "hatted wizard" character model
    • Staff of Life (Regeneration Aura/Revive) - North of the woman with an exclamation point above her head, between the gate and garden plot
    • Staff of the White Wizard (+1 light radius/Fear) - In the chest behind the wooden door to your left as you leave the castle.
  • Weapons
    • Blunt Blade (Low Physical) - Starting weapon obtained in the tutorial
    • Sharp Blade (Medium Physical) - This item replaces the Blunt Blade if you own the Wizard Hat DLC and use the special "hatted wizard" character model
    • Excalibur (Medium Physical/Slow, Knockdown) - See Sherlock Holmes 3/14 above.
    • Captain's Axe (Medium Physical) - Given to you by Captain Bjorn after defeating the troll or dropped by Bjorn if he dies.

Monsters and Bosses[]

Chapter Story[]

Chapter 1 - The Fancy Menace
Stay a while and listen, and I will tell you a story. A story of Dungeons and Dragons, of Orcs and Goblins, of Ghouls and Ghosts, of Kings and Quests, but most importantly -- of Wizards and Vamp -- Well... A story of Wizards.

Once upon a time, in a land known as Midgård...
There lived a powerful Wizard named Grimnir, who sought to harness the power of all Magicks -- ancient spells, crafted in times long forgotten. With such knowledge he might enable the wizards of the Order of Magick to spread eternal peace across the lands...
But the Order of Magick instead felt threatened by his ambitions, and in the shadows they schemed, and devised a treacherous plan...
...and so, Grimir's disciples were expelled from the Order, and he himself was, for all time, imprisoned at World's End. All because of his dangerous lust for knowledge.
Grimnir's dangerous ambitions dashed, the world was safe once more... Aside from the increased number of monsters attacking the good villagers.
And of course, the warlord Khan, who had united the orc tribes, and now threatened the great city of Havindr.

But in the dusty gloom of Castle Aldrheim, where the Order of Magick dwelled, a brilliant teacher and his finest pupils were about to embark on a journey that would prevent the world from changing... ... Forever...

Note that "Grimir" is indeed misspelled in the Chapter 1 story text in the game.

Area 1[]

The story of Magicka as told starts you off in Vlad's classroom in Castle Aldrheim. Vlad introduces himself as the senior tutor of the Order of Magick, and informs you that he is not a vampire despite looking like one. You have been chosen by the university to travel to the city of Havindr to aid The King as they are under attacks from the Orc clans. He quickly summarizes the situation and reiterates that he is not a vampire.

Walk around the room, try to get used to the movement controls, examine objects such as the cute SCRUM board behind Vlad, talk to him and otherwise exit the boring classroom. If you talk to the wizard in the hallway looking at a picture of Vlad, he also thought Vlad was a vampire, but he is clearly mistaken. As you reach the central hallway, another wizard tells you that there is a farewell party being thrown downstairs just for you. How nice!

You can explore the castle if you like. Once you are done, head southeast towards the stairs and a cutscene will occur.

Area 2[]

Shams greets you cheerfully downstairs that Baleyg has gone to get more cheese for the party. Propp appears and decides to cast some fireworks...

Area 3[]

... with the disastrous results of breaking the floor beneath you. Falling into the dungeon of the castle, the wizards above board up the gaping hole and tell you to find your way out of the dungeons. Oh, and the safe word is BANANA!

Tip TIP: You can skip the tutorial dungeon by pressing ESC to bring up the game menu and choosing the BANANA!? option in the menu. If you choose this option, you will be teleported out of this dungeon to the next area. You will automatically gain the Haste Magick normally learned during the tutorial.

Follow the tutorial instructions and gather up the Elements. Pick up the Haste Magick and use it to get past the masher. Do so by casting Haste and start running across the hallway just as the masher is retreating back towards the wall. You will next enter a cave leading to the east with Imps in it. They're easy prey, and the first time you'll have to fight, no reason to be on guard prior to this. Past the Imps, there is a room with a lever near the southeastern wall. Pull the lever to enter what is technically your first Boss Battle! Before you enter the room though, read the wooden panel next to the door for a tip.

Behold the Watcher
Max Hitpoints 2400
Species Watcher
Appearances Giant floating eye, with razor teeth and tentacles
Weaknesses Lightning (A)
Regeneration 0
Speed 6
Score Value 400

Behold the Watcher is a Benign Beholder (you really don't want to meet a Malignant Beholder yet) and looks like a nasty one-eyed monster with many hands. It only has one attack and that is to shoot you with several red Arcane beams that deal 60 damage per volley.

You should try one of two things:

  1. SteamSteamArcane (S)Lightning (A)Lightning (A) (or another high power beam combination) and attack from distance, or use
  2. Fire (F) on the rope just inside the door to drop a chandelier on him for an insta-kill (see Dialogue References to find out what the rope refers to). See? The tip just outside the door is useful.
  3. Earth (D)Earth (D)Earth (D)Earth (D)Earth (D) + Right Click until fully charged, Release and it should be dead instantly.

Practically any beam combination works on him, as he will not use any of his attacks when being hit by a beam. Also, Behold will not attack you until you have attacked it first.

Killing Behold will complete the "An eye for an eye" achievement.

Head up the stairs to leave the dungeons back to join the "Save the World!" party.

Area 2[]

Arriving back at the place just before you fell into the dungeons, (you will jump here if you opted to skip the tutorial dungeon and Shams will teach you the Haste Magick), Shams will automatically teach you the Revive Magick. He will also teach you the Meteor Shower Magick if you have the bonus Wizard Hat DLC. You also learn that Behold was the Order's pet watcher. Awwwww...

Tip TIP: The Haste (Lightning (A)Arcane (S)Fire (F)+spacebar) Magick is useful in a variety of situations to increase your movement speed, particularly in some of the future boss fights. Revive (Life (W)Lightning (A)+spacebar) is only usable in multiplayer games on dead friendly players and is of no value in a solo game. Finally, Meteor Shower (Fire (F)Earth (D)Fire (F)Water(Q)Earth (D)Fire (F)+spacebar) causes huge rocks of fire to fall from the sky at random locations causing about 10,000 damage on a hit. To prevent killing yourself with Meteor Shower, use shield bubbles (Shield (E)+Shift+Right click) and recast them whenever it gets hit. Meteor Shower can only be used outdoors.

Talk to the wizards, and the one in the middle of the room will tell you that if you mix the Water and Cold elements together, you get the Ice derived element (Water(Q) + Cold (R) = Ice). He hasn't figured out how to make Steam yet but this one is easy, you just combine Water with Fire together (Water(Q) + Fire (F) = Steam).

You can kill everyone at the party if you like; friendly non-player characters (also called NPCs) will never attack you back in this game. Leave the castle by heading south.

Area 4[]

Once you leave, you'll see a man to the left in front of a breakable door (see Image 1). Use a charged up earth projectile (Earth (D)Earth (D)Earth (D)+hold right mouse button) or a beam to knock it down and open the chest behind it to get the Staff of the White Wizard. This is also the first secret area of 14 in the game. If you find all 14, you will complete the Sherlock Holmes achievement.

Tip TIP: The Staff of the White Wizard has an active ability which is the Fear Magick. Staff active abilities are cast by clicking the middle mouse button in the desired direction with no Element queued in the spell bar. In this case, Fear causes enemies near you to run away from you for three seconds, giving you breathing room. The Fear Magick is obtainable in Chapter Nine.

Continue down the stairs and follow the path north, you'll come across your first dead moose for the King's Quest achievement - the game even stops at a cutscene for you. How convenient! Be sure to examine the moose (see Image 2) to get the achievement credit.

As you leave the corpse of the moose and go north, you will hear an explosion sound in the distance. What has happened? To find out, freeze (Cold (R)Cold (R)Cold (R)Cold (R)Cold (R)+Shift+Right click) the lake to your right repeatedly and cross the frozen surface to the other side to get the Grease Magick (see Image 3). This is also secret #2. Examine the body lying next to the spellbook and you will recognize that it is Baleyg who had been looking for cheese for you. Apparently, something happened to the tower upstairs as its top is completely blown apart and it is still smoking (that was the explosion you heard). You cannot do anything for Baleyg so head back across the frozen lake to the main path and follow it north. Magicking is dangerous business.

Tip TIP: The Grease (Water(Q)Earth (D)Life (W)+spacebar) Magick creates a patch of slippery grease on the ground. Fire (F) can then be used on it to create a burning patch of fire. Monsters walking through it will catch on fire and take constant fire damage.

When you get to the broken bridge, you will notice another spellbook high up on the castle walkways. You cannot reach it at this point in the game, so just freeze the water between the broken bridge and continue northwards. (If you are in a multiplayer game, you can grab the Teleport Magick by doing the Mine Trick (See the Magicks page on details and a video link). It's fairly difficult and you'll likely just end up dying. The Magick isn't meant to be obtainable at this point in the game.)

Right after the bridge, if you are sharp-eyed, you will find a soldier in blue half obscured by some bushes on the left. He tells you that someone in a black cloak just bit him and that he's staying there to recover from his shock. Hmmm... who could have done that? If you talk to him again, he'll ask you to tell Captain Bjorn that he'll be late.

Activate the checkpoint and continue north to the next area.

1. Sherlock Holmes 1, Staff of the White Wizard

2. The first dead moose

3. Sherlock Holmes 2, Grease Magick

Area 5[]

Head west into the fenced farm area. Approach the woman with the exclamation point above her head to start a cutscene. 3 Goblin Rogues will come from the north yelling "RAKANISHLOL!" (Diablo 2 much??). Time for combat! Be very careful not to kill the woman accidentally, heal her if necessary with a healing beam (Life (W)+right click). After defeating them, talk to the woman again to complete the achievement "RPG much?". If you mess up and the woman dies, you can suicide (cast an element at yourself with middle click that isn't Life or Shield) and restart from the previous checkpoint in Area 4 (you did activate it didn't you?).

Just north of the woman along the wooden fence, there is a Staff of Life. Press Tab to see what it does. This staff gives you a regeneration aura that heals you for 64 hitpoints per tick, allowing you to concentrate more on killing enemies in combat. However, do note that the aura (the radius is visible on the ground around you) affects BOTH friends and enemies near you. Most of the time, this isn't an issue since your damage output is so massive anyway and you kill most enemies before they even reach you.

The staff also has an active ability which is the Revive Magick you already learnt earlier from Shams. To cast it, you simply aim and middle click with no Elements queued up in the spellbar. The staff's active ability has a cooldown, so you can't chain cast it like you could with Life (W)Lightning (A)+spacebar. Future staves may offer you abilities and Magicks that you do not know yet.

You can only hold one staff and one weapon at any one time so anytime you pick up a new one, the existing one drops to the floor. The Basic Staff from the tutorial is an exception since it has no abilities and the game just eats it into the void.

Now head west and open the wooden gate (isn't it interesting that you can't destroy it like you could with the first secret door earlier?) and walk through the wheat field to find secret #3 and Excalibur! The famous sword in the stone... complete with stone! Shift+Left click to swing it and see how ridiculous it looks. It does have the ability to slow and knockdown any enemy it hits though.

Backtrack to the farm and continue north. A short cutscene starts showing 2 Goblin Rogues being ambushed by 3 Giant Spiders! Continue north into the clearing and the 3 spiders will "ambush" you. If you are using the Staff of Life, you are pretty much unkillable since the healing is more than the combined damage of the spiders. Kill them all with an area attack spell such as SteamArcane (S)Lightning (A)Lightning (A)Lightning (A)+Shift+Right click.

Tip TIP: Giant Spiders can poison you, and that you can avoid this by shielding yourself (Shield (E)+middle click) or by curing the poison (Life (W)+middle click).

Eventually you'll come to a small camp with a wooden wall. Two soldiers outside talk idly about a Forest Troll. Get ready for your first REAL Boss Battle!

Tip TIP: Don't worry about killing your allies, Collateral damage is part of the game!

Ygg, Hungry Forest Troll
Max Hitpoints 6000
Species Troll
Appearances A forest troll wielding a broken log
Weaknesses Fire (F)
Regeneration 100
Speed 3
Score Value 1500

Ygg, the aforementioned Forest Troll comes charging into the camp. It is large and carries a large wooden tree trunk. It moves relatively slowly, especially if it is slowed with the Cold element. It regenerates hitpoints all the time but this can be stopped by setting it on fire. It does three types of attacks.

  1. Perform a swing of the wooden tree trunk, knocking back everyone standing in front of it for a large distance and doing moderate damage.
  2. Grab someone (preferably not you) in his hands and slowly eat it until it dies. If this happens, press spacebar repeatedly to shake free or use an area stun spell such as SteamLightning (A)Arcane (S)+Shift+Right click.
  3. Kick someone in front of him for a small amount of damage, knocking it backwards for a short distance.

There are 2 main methods of killing Ygg:

  1. Kill it with a huge damage spell. Use the recommended SteamSteamArcane (S)Lightning (A)Lightning (A) beam.
  2. Heal the guards attacking it with a healing beam (Life (W)) and they will eventually kill it.

There are 2 possible outcomes to the battle (that doesn't involve you dying):

  1. Ygg dies and Captain Bjorn (the soldier in the red cape) dies. A soldier runs in from the northeast, moans about his death and tells you to go on through it on Havindr. Pick up the Captain's Axe dropped by the dead Captain Bjorn if you wish.
  2. Ygg dies and Captain Bjorn lives. He congratulates you on your prowess and because you're so good, you are to continue on towards Havindr without his help (he's supposed to accompany your journey). He gives you his Captain's Axe as a reward.
Tip WARNING: Do not kill Captain Bjorn until AFTER the boss fight, otherwise the cutscene will not trigger and the boss will not spawn, thus preventing you from continuing the game. UPDATE: This bug has been fixed as of Feb. 2nd, 2011 with Patch #7.

Killing Ygg will complete the "No more trolling" achievement.

Head northeast and continue to the next level.