These are listed in order of game appearance. Since Chapter Seven is essentially the same map as Chapter One, it is not necessary to complete the achievements or magicks if you already obtained them in Chapter One with the exception of the Teleport magick.

For visual support, refer to this video:


Ach moose.jpg

King's Quest
Find all the moose.

  • 1/12 - Right after leaving the castle, you find a man on the road next to a moose in Area 4. Impossible to miss as a cutscene is triggered just for it.
Ach sherlock.jpg

Sherlock Holmes
Find all secret areas in the game.

  • 1/14 - Staff of the White Wizard - Behind the wooden door right after you exit Castle Aldrheim in Area 4
  • 2/14 - Grease Magick - Use Cold (R)Cold (R)Cold (R)Cold (R)Cold (R) to freeze the lake water east of the moose to reach the base of the tower in Area 4.
  • 3/14 - Excalibur - The area far west through the wheat field behind the lady with exclamation mark in Area 5.
Ach fancy.jpg

Too fancy for fireballs?
Complete one level using only magicks.
This achievement is listed here because it is trivial to obtain it in this chapter. Just cast Teleport once to get down from the tower after learning the Magick, cast it a second time to cross the broken bridge, then walk (or Teleport) the remainder of the way to the end of the chapter.


Ach robehat.jpg

I put on my robe and wizard hat
Acquire all Magicks in adventure mode.

  • 3/21 - Grease - See Sherlock Holmes 2/14 above.
  • 11/21 - Teleport - Located just left of the starting position of this chapter and impossible to miss. However, a clever use of game mechanics allows players to obtain it in Chapter One. See Magicks page on this spell for details.


  • Staves
    • Staff of Life (Regeneration Aura/Revive) - Northern side of the farm between the gate and garden plot at the start of Area 2
    • Staff of the White Wizard (+1 light radius/Fear) - See Secret 1/14 above.
  • Weapons
    • Excalibur (Medium Physical/Slow, Knockdown) - See Secret 3/14 above.

Monsters and Bosses[]

  • None

Chapter Story[]

Chapter 7 - Return to Castle Aldrheim
Vlad's time travel Magick saved the helpless wizards from certain doom at the hands of Grimnir and his mysterious ally. Now, Vlad, who remained in the future, guided the wizards as they returned to Castle Aldrheim, where they once again began their journey, on a quest to find Fafnir -- a master of Magick, and the only one that could aid them in their quest to defeat Assatur.

Area 1[]

Chapter Seven starts off with you zooming along a bridge into a tower which subsequently explodes. A brown robed wizard is thrown out of the exploding tower. Future Vlad appears in the destroyed tower and briefly summarizes the situation:

1. Teleport magick

  • Future Vlad has saved your life by sending you back in time to Castle Aldrheim.
  • Grimnir appears to be possessed by Assatur (the incorporeal wizard you saw behind Grimnir).
  • Assatur cannot be defeated unless he is drawn into the corporeal world.
  • You must travel north and convince Fafnir to teach you the Corporealize magick.

Earlier in Chapter One, you heard the sound of a large explosion as you walked north from the very first dead moose. You crossed the lake (by freezing it) to find Baleyg's body at the base of the tower with the Grease magick. It kind of makes sense now right? Once you have finished chatting with Vlad, head west along the bridge and pick up the Teleport magick (see Image 1) that you couldn't reach back in Chapter One.

Teleport (Lightning (A)Arcane (S)Lightning (A)+spacebar) down with your new magick. You can go back to the castle doors to pick up the Staff of the White Wizard but you cannot enter the castle. You can also cross the lake again to examine Baleyg's body, however if you have already picked up the Grease magick in Chapter One, the book will not be there now. Looking at the moose again is not necessary to get the King's Quest achievement. You may still look at it and a pop up will appear, but it will not add a moose to the achievement counter.

Tip TIP: Chapter 7 is the easiest level to accomplish the "Too fancy for fireballs?" achievement which requires you to complete one level using only Magicks (in this case, using only Teleport) because this chapter features no enemies whatsoever. Do not cast any non-Magick spell (easy to do if you accidentally queue a wrong element), do not melee swing your weapon, do not use any staff active ability. Most importantly, do not freeze the water surfaces with a Cold spell as that is not a magick!

Head north to the broken bridge. You will spot a brief glimpse of your past self traveling northwards. Teleport across the broken bridge and continue north. Notice that you cannot activate the checkpoint because it was already used by your past self.

Area 2[]

2. Sherlock Holmes 3, Excalibur

Arriving back at the farm, you will immediately notice that the woman who gave you the side quest is gone. The exclamation point lies on the ground where she once was. How cute! You can get the Staff of Life and Excalibur (see Image 2) again if you so desire, their positions have not changed since Chapter One.

Cast Haste on yourself and run north (its safe, your former self already killed all the enemies) until you meet the guards in the fort where you killed Ygg, the Hungry Forest Troll. Captain Bjorn is nowhere to be seen and the guards have barricaded the northeast exit(Note: You can use teleport to teleport to the other side of the door, but it is useless.). They have not heard of Fafnir and tell you to go through the "abandoned" Járn Mines to the northwest instead. While you can actually Teleport over the northeast gates, nothing happens if you do so.

As you exit through the northwest gates, the guards laugh as they think they have seen the last of you - because the Járn Mines are far from abandoned. (Note: If you kill one of the guards that gave you the bad advice of going through the mines, they will no longer laugh at you in the cutscene.)