Chapter Six (Magicka)

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Checklists[edit | edit source]

These are listed in order of game appearance.

For visual support, refer to this video:

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Ach moose.jpg

King's Quest
Find all the moose.

  • 7/12 - West of the checkpoint just north of the large statue of Assatur after the encounter with a Daemon Lord followed by four Daemons in Area 2.
Ach 88mph.jpg

Get thrown back in time by Vlad.
Recieved at the end of the chapter after defeating Grimnir in Area 5.

Magicks[edit | edit source]

Ach robehat.jpg

I put on my robe and wizard hat
Acquire all Magicks in adventure mode.

  • 10/21 - Blizzard - At the beginning of the chapter, go northeast to the small lake. Use Cold (R)Cold (R)Cold (R)Cold (R)Cold (R) to freeze and cross the water to the island.

Items[edit | edit source]

  • Staves
    • Staff of War (Physical Resistance Aura, Doubles HP/Arcane Bolt) - Drops from the Disciple at the start of Area 1, or from them in Grimnir's mind duel 3 in Area 4
    • Staff of Deflection (Deflects projectile attacks) - Held in the hand of a mage statue on the bridge just after the manual checkpoint but before the first Daemon Lord in Area 2
    • Daemon Arm (Unlimited Beam Duration) - Drops from the two Daemon Lords in Area 2
    • Rod of Emergency Teleport (Teleports the caster to a random nearby location) - Drops from the Goblin Shamans in Grimnir's mind duel 1 in Area 4
    • Gnarled Staff (Immune to Poison/Summon Tree Spirit) - Drops from the Druids in Grimnir's mind duel 2 in Area 4
    • Goblin Staff (Increased Physical Resistance/Temporary Damage Immunity) - Drops from the Goblin Wizards in Grimnir's mind duel 4 in Area 4
    • Staff of the Dead (When a nearby player dies due to friendly damage not caused by you, they will automatically be revived. Also revives friendly zombies) - Drops from the Necromancers in Grimnir's mind duel 5 in Area 4
    • Righteous Rod of Runes (Lightning Immunity Aura/Lightning Damage Aura) - Drops from the Dwarf Priest in Grimnir's mind duel 6 in Area 4. It may be near impossible to pick this up due to time limitations
  • Weapons
    • Tyrfing (Teleport to attacked Monster) - On the eastern side of the floating rock with the second Daemon Lord in Area 2

Monsters and Bosses[edit | edit source]

Chapter Story[edit | edit source]

Chapter 6 - Return of the Wizard
With the warlord Khan dead, and Grimnir's terrible scheme revealed, the wise and handsome Vlad recommended that the wizards do the only sensible thing. Rather than waiting for the rest of the army, they should set forth at once, that they might discover the truth behind the terrible warlock threat.

Area 1[edit | edit source]

Upon entering, head northeast and freeze the lake. There is a small island where you will find the Blizzard Magick. Freeze the lake again and return to the main road.

Tip TIP: Blizzard (Cold (R)Cold (R)Water(Q)Cold (R)+spacebar) is another weather affecting Magick and so has no effect when used indoors. When used, it chills everyone (including the caster) except those with cold resistance active. If any players or enemies are wet, they freeze instead.

Continue on your original path where you will encounter a lonely Disciple. Once it is defeated, continue forward to meet your first Daemon which will shift in and out of the ethereal plane. While in ethereal form, it is untargetable and immune to damage but they also cannot attack you. Move next to it, wait for it to materialize and destroy it as soon as they solidify in the physical plane. You should aim to overkill the Daemon (do so much damage that its corpse explodes into pieces) because if you don't, the ethereal essence of the Daemon reforms into three smaller Daemonlings which behave similarly to the larger version.

After your first Daemon is destroyed, continue up the narrow concrete stairs where Vlad will appear and talk to you. He is extremely surprised that the Daemons are capable of fully materializing in the world and runs off to investigate.

Area 2[edit | edit source]

Upon entering area 2 and going up the stairs you will encounter more Daemonlings, these can get very annoying but are extremely easy to kill if you simply stand next to them and spam any kind of area attack spell. Continue across the bridge to your northeast and continue following the path, killing the daemons as you go. You will take a left onto a platform that will begin floating away, simply kill the daemons that spawn on it and it will collide into another platform.

Continue forward and you will reach another narrow staircase. As you run up the stairs, Daemonlings will spawn behind you. Be wary of them for they will attempt to push you off the stairs. Use directional shields or blocking fissures to keep them away from you or just kill them and wait for the small platform to come floating by at the end of the staircase. This platform will lead to another small platform which will have a Daemon on it. This Daemon can knock you off so be careful. The platform will take you onto a large platform, take the path, kill more daemons and you will reach a checkpoint.

Tip TIP: Daemonlings can also be knocked off the island platforms with healing mines (Life (W)Shield (E)) or a large water bomb (Water(Q)Water(Q)Water(Q)Water(Q)Water(Q)+Area Cast). Unfortunately, water bombs do not work on the larger Daemons although healing mines continue to work. The knockback distance of water bombs far exceeds those healing mines are capable of.

Continue forward across the large bridge, on the left side of the bridge there will be a statue of a wizard holding a Staff of Deflection. After the statues, you will fight a Daemon Lord, he is just as easy to kill as the regular Daemons. In fact, he is even easier to kill because of their strange behavior:

  1. They will not materialize unless you are standing a fair distance away from it. If you wish to heal up, just walk towards them.
  2. Their ranged missile attacks will not hit you if you are standing anywhere in front of its line of facing. The dead zone is huge and the Daemon Lord will not move to adjust either.

Again, if you do not overkill the Daemon Lord, their essence turns into three standard Daemons. The Daemon Lord also drops the Daemon Arm, a staff that extends your beam spells from 12 seconds to unlimited duration. Once the battle is over, continue forward onto the next moving platform which will have 4 Daemons spawning around a statue of a disembodied wizard holding a large staff. Kill the Daemons, move north onto the next platform and grab the checkpoint.

Tip TIP: You do not actually have to kill most of the Daemons and Daemonlings in this chapter. You can just move onto the next platform as the daemons are too stupid to move across platforms. This is because most of the platforms are designed such that you drop down from the previous platform to the next one (meaning you cannot return to the previous platform) and the programming of the AI pathfinding does not allow enemies to jump down ledges.
Tip WARNING: Even if you have the Teleport magick from a previous playthrough, do not teleport back to previous platforms! The island platforms are not scripted to move backwards and you will encounter situations where you cannot proceed forward to the next island platform because it has already moved on. This will require you to restart the entire chapter as even suiciding to restart from the last checkpoint will not work.

Travel west from the checkpoint to find another dead moose (Moose 7). Return to the checkpoint and move north onto the next moving platform. Destroy the single Daemon that materializes as the platform rotates 180 degrees. Leave the platform northwards onto a huge platform. Take a right and you will find Tyrfing stuck in a stone at the eastern side of the platform. There is another Daemon Lord along with several Daemons and Daemonlings on this platform, but nothing you cannot already handle.

In the northwest part of the platform, wait for the next island platform to rotate around vertically, and once it is almost parallel with the platform you are on, cast Haste and bolt across it onto the staircase beyond. I would love to know what Magick is keeping these rocks floating because having a floating wizard castle would be really cool!

Area 3[edit | edit source]

Vlad will greet you on the island at the end of the long narrow staircase. He will tell you that Grimnir is ahead and you must confront him while he stays behind and defends your back. As you head north, you will overhear Vlad saying "Imposters! Didn't I take care of you once already?!". Since you cannot go back south to help Vlad, go north and meet Grimnir, who will proceed to give you a short tutorial about the history of himself and then engage you in a mind duel.

Area 4 - Grimnir's mind[edit | edit source]

You will have to fight 6 different groups of wizards in 6 consecutive duels each on their own mini islands:

  1. 4 Goblin Shamans (drops Rod of Emergency Teleport)
  2. 2 Druids (you do not need to kill the Tree Spirits they summon) (drops Gnarled Staff)
  3. 2 Disciples (drops Staff of War)
  4. 2 Goblin Wizards (drops Goblin Staff)
  5. 2 Necromancers (drops Staff of the Dead)
  6. 1 Dwarf Priest (drops Righteous Rod of Runes)

Most of the danger of these duels is the constant threat of being knocked off the islands. Here are some very effective strategies:

  1. Knock the enemies off the islands before they can do the same to you.
    • Water bombs are extremely effective. Spam Water(Q)Water(Q)Water(Q)Water(Q)Water(Q)+Area Cast to knock all the enemies around you.
    • Water bolts (Water(Q)Earth (D)) can be used as well.
    • Healing mines (Life (W)Shield (E)+Area Cast) are also effective since the enemies get knocked back if they step on it, but healing-based mines do not knock players.
    • Yet another way is to just run towards the enemies and use the default push attack (Right Click with no element queued) to push them off the island.
  2. Kill them as they spawn. Just spam SteamLightning (A)Arcane (S)Arcane (S)Arcane (S)+Area Cast (which is one of the highest damage Area of Effect damage spells if you remember) as they appear, the enemy wizards will die before they get a chance to cast anything.
  3. Utilising the Nullify magick (Arcane (S)Shield (E)+Space) is very useful to remove the extra enemies that the Druids and Necromancers spawn.

The Dwarf Priest may pose some issues due to his Earth (D)Earth (D)Earth (D)Earth (D)Earth (D) projectile which will instantly kill you if you aren't shielded. Either use a water bolt or a strong beam attack quickly on him since he is the sole enemy in the last mind duel.

If you wish to pick up any of the staves dropped by any of the wizards, you must do so quickly in their respective duels before the next duel starts. Obviously, they also have to be killed on the platform and not flung off the platform. None of the staves are particularly good, you have already seen the first three staves in earlier chapters and you will see the last three staves again in future chapters.

Though not really needed, the Rod of Emergency Teleport dropped by the Goblin Shamans in the first mini island can help you Emergency Teleport (the staff's active ability) to safety if you get knocked off the island.

Area 5 - Grimnir[edit | edit source]

Since Grimnir is unable to defeat you in the mind, he will proceed to duel you directly. The advantage you have is that he is chained to the platform and cannot move but that does not make him any less dangerous.

Grimnir, the Dark Lord
Max Hitpoints 35000
Species Human
Appearances A purple robed wizard chained to a platform
Weaknesses ?
Regeneration ?
Speed ?
Score Value ?

Grimnir is a purple robed wizard chained to a platform at the edge of World's End by the Order of Magick years ago due to his ambition to learn Magicks long forgotten. He cannot move at all and will attack you with a large variety of spells and Magicks:

  1. A directional shield (Shield (E)) in front of himself which will reflect your beam spells back on to yourself if you are standing directly south of him.
  2. Summons an incorporeal image of himself which casts the following spells at you:
    1. An Arcane Lightning beam (Arcane (S)Lightning (A))
    2. A Fireball (Fire (F)Earth (D))
  3. Casts the Rain Magick (which does not wet him).
  4. Casts the Thunder Bolt Magick whenever you are wet, instantly killing you with 10,000 lightning damage.
  5. Casts the Tornado Magick which may knock you off the platform.
  6. Casts the Conflagration Magick, setting you on fire and putting you in panic where you will run uncontrollably off the island.
  7. Casts IceIceIceIceIce+Area Cast if you are in melee range of him.

ALL of the above can be dealt with by casting Nullify which is obtained in Chapter Two. For almost every spell he casts, you can cast Nullify to dispel it, including his incorporeal image. It is easy to just wet him (do not use Rain, it doesn't work on him), maintain a self shield so that his Thunder Bolt doesn't kill you, cast Nullify every time he channels or cast a Magick and spam Thunder Bolt or a strong beam on him.

Grimnir cannot be frozen or slowed but can be wet by Water.

To summarize:

  1. Cast Nullify (Arcane (S)Shield (E)+spacebar) whenever he uses a directional shield, Rain, Tornado, Conflagration or summons an image of himself.
  2. Maintain the SAFE (Arcane (S)Lightning (A)Fire (F)Shield (E)+Middle click, so called because you press SAFE+middle click) resistance shield on yourself at all times. It lasts about 10 seconds and allows you to ignore Thunder Bolt, Conflagration and his incorporeal image completely (you do not even have to Nullify them if you have the SAFE shield up as you will be immune to all Arcane, Lightning and Fire damage).
  3. Do not get yourself wet.
  4. Wet Grimnir and use a strong lightning beam spell (SteamSteamArcane (S)Lightning (A)Lightning (A)) on him. Four Thunder Bolts (SteamLightning (A)Arcane (S)Lightning (A)) will also easily defeat a wet Grimnir.
  5. If you get hit by Conflagration, self-cast Water(Q) or Fire (F)Shield (E) immediately.

Way 2:

  1. Cast Conflagration
  2. Make a shield on you with Shift + Right Click
  3. Boost your shield until he burn to die

(If he use rain or fire doesn't kill him burn him again)

Way 3:

  1. Cast Fire and Lightning immunity on yourself (Lightning (A)Fire (F)Shield (E) + Middle Click). This makes Grimnir and his ghosts incapable of damaging you entirely, he'll only be able to knock you up with his tornado.
  2. Spam your damage spell of choice at him.

Defeating Grimnir will complete the "88mph" achievement.

When Grimnir is brought down to very low health (something like 10%), a huge incorporeal form that looks exactly like the huge statue you saw in Area 2 (where you fought four simultaneous Daemons) appears behind Grimnir and heals him to full! Future Vlad then appears, proclaims that the fight cannot be won, casts the Time Flux Magick on you (this Magick is not available to players) and removes you from the fight before disappearing himself.

Wait a minute! Future Vlad? What?