Chapter Ten (Magicka)

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Checklists[edit | edit source]

These are listed in order of game appearance.

For visual support, refer to this video:

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Ach moose.jpg

King's Quest
Find all the moose.

  • 10/12 - It's in the far southeast corner behind some rocks in Area 1 from where you start the chapter, straight down from the bridge that leads to the next area which is in the far northeast corner.
Ach reaper.jpg

Don't fear the reaper
Defeat Death.
Defeat Death (boss) at the end of the Chapter in Area 3.

Magicks[edit | edit source]

Ach robehat.jpg

I put on my robe and wizard hat
Acquire all Magicks in adventure mode.

  • 17/21 - Summon Death - Obtained automatically on defeating Death.

Items[edit | edit source]

  • Staves
    • Vlad's Gauntlet (Inverts damage taken from Healing/Drains life from the nearest player or creature) - Found immediately upon entering Niflheim, right next to the player in Area 1.
  • Weapons
    • Ring of the Phantom (Low Physical/Knockdown) - The glittering white object northwest of the starting location in Area 1.

Monsters and Bosses[edit | edit source]

  • Elemental - These wake up with a random element
  • Darksoul - These are the elemental skeletons
  • Death, Travel Agent (Boss)

Chapter Story[edit | edit source]

Chapter 10 - A Grim Tango
After a horrible misunderstanding, the wizards entered combat with the Count, who had little choice but to easily defeat them and cast them into the underworld of Niflheim. There they would seek someone who could return them to the corporeal realm -- and to Fafnir.

Area 1[edit | edit source]

You are unceremoniously thrown into Niflheim by Vlad from his castle and appear in a large sandy and barren area lit by a single fire on a stick. A gauntlet mysteriously drops right next to you, followed by Future Vlad appearing and berating you for not explaining the situation to Vlad and instead engaging him in combat. He lets off by informing that you are now in the land of the dead. But fear not, because Vlad is an acquaintance of the ruler of the region, Death. He adds that Death partly owns a travel agency and that you just have to find him to travel back home.

Feel free to pick up and keep Vlad's Gauntlet. Nearby, you will find unactivated Elementals which activate when you get near them or when you attack them. The element they become depends on what you hit them with (Arcane will make an Arcane Elemental). If you simply walk past them, they will become a random element. The color of their swords will hint to their element (If the swords are red, for example, the elemental is fire). If you choose to fight the Elementals, choose a beam of the opposite element to dispatch them quickly because they will be immune to the element of their color. An easy way to kill them is to get just close enough to toss a water bomb (Earth (D)Water(Q)+right click) then cast Thunder Bolt (SteamLightning (A)Arcane (S)Lightning (A)+spacebar)

The entirety of Area 1 is a huge rectangle island. If you go to the top left (northwest) of this area you will come across the Ring of the Phantom (It can be tricky to pick this one up. Handle any Elementals nearby before attempting to pick it up). If you head east from the start location, there will be a moose (Moose 10) hidden on the east side of a vertical column of rocks. This moose can be particularly hard to find because there are not many reference points in Niflheim. The exit to this area is in the top right (northeast) corner in the form of a bridge.

Tip WARNING: Do not cast any weather-altering magicks such as Rain and Blizzard. It will wake every elemental in the area, and you can quickly be overwhelmed.


To make elementals not wake up when you approach them,summon 16 elementals and activate them. This will prevent hostile elementals from waking up. However,they will awaken if attacked.

Area 2[edit | edit source]

When you first enter the City of the Dead, a city with unusually colorful lights, a Darksoul (elemental skeleton) will walk out of his house to check his mail. He spots you, drops his mug, and proceeds to hammer you with some elemental projectiles. There are four versions of these elemental skeletons, namely Arcane, Frost, Lightning and Poison. The most dangerous skeletons are the frost Darksouls because they interfere with your casting and they can bounce you off the cliff edge. It is a good idea to keep a resistance shield up containing the Arcane, Frost and Lightning elements (Arcane (S)Cold (R)Lightning (A)Shield (E)+Self). Their natural counter is to use the opposite element. Or just use Healing beams and Healing mines to kill them. Continue north up through the town, fighting off more of the skeletons.

After you have battled through the town, Future Vlad will be awaiting you in the next area. He will advise you carefully to just explain your situation to Death. Continue north to meet the veritable Grim Reaper.

Death, Travel Agent[edit | edit source]

Turns out Death is not very pleased at your intrusion into his realm and will not let you get a word out edgewise. He will then rise from his throne to engage you.

Death, Travel Agent
Max Hitpoints 10000
Species Undead
Appearances Carries a large scythe and wears a black robe
Weaknesses Life (W)
Regeneration ?
Speed ?
Score Value ?

Death is the lord of the realm of the dead. Rightly so, he is undead and thus takes damage from Healing spells. Death can be either a very frustrating fight, or a surprisingly easy scuffle. His primary action is to slowly appear at the edge of your screen, and float there, ethereal, for a second, then use one of his abilities. While ethereal, he cannot be attacked. His entire repertoire of actions consist of three abilities.

  1. He will summon about 6 Darksouls (elemental skeletons) to distract you. The elemental skeletons can often be distracted themselves by using Raise Dead a few times, ironically. They can also be destroyed instantly by casting Nullify (Arcane (S)Shield (E)+spacebar).
  2. He will charge at you, still ethereal, then materialize for a short time so he can instantly kill you with a swing of his scythe. Always keep one Life element ready (more than one is redundant, as it does no more/no little damage than having 5 of them), because a Life beam can only hit him when he isn't ethereal. Always be looking at him with your character when he appears at the edge of the screen. If he stops to try and summon some skeletons, unleash a beam on him. If he tries to rush you, unleash a beam point blank into him.
  3. When his health is low, his final method of defeating you is to stop time (you are left slowed) while he creates many ghostly copies of himself around you. All of them look the same, so there is no easy way to find out which one is him. Each one of the copies will rush you individually, the ghostly ones doing no damage themselves. Prepare a Life element for when Death himself comes. You will know because he will materialize and his copies will disappear. If you have quick enough reflexes, you can put a beam into him, but an Area of Effect Life will suffice. The lower his health, the more often he will play this game of roulette, the more copies will spawn and the faster it becomes. (Note: In a multiplayer game only the targeted player can move, all other players are unable to do anything.)
Tip TIP: If you have difficulty aiming Healing beams at Death, an easy strategy is to cast Life (W)+Area Cast whenever he charges you. All you have to do is to time this well: as soon as Death materializes in front of you, cast it - it will hit him and cause him to disappear before he can hit you (his attack is really slow). This takes care of Death's attacks and you can deal with his summons at your leisure.
Tip TIP: If you find the timing of the above tip too tricky or the elemental skeleton summons too distracting, forget everything you read above and simply spam Healing Mines (Shield (E)Life (W)+Area Cast) throughout the whole encounter. Keep within close range of Death and repeatedly area cast the mines - he will be unable to attack you, summon, or even do anything other than move. Eventually he will use his third skill but you do not need to change tactics, just keep throwing out mines.

Defeating Death will complete the "Don't fear the reaper" achievement.

Tip TIP: A very effective strategy is to use Shield (E)IceIceIceLife (W)+Area Cast whenever Death comes within range. This creates an ice wall of healing wards dealing area heal around them before exploding for more healing. We use 3 Ice so the wards last longer. Alternatively you can blade enchant and aim at Death if your positioning is right. Death will take an upwards of 4000 or more damage per instance, and might never get the chance to use his roulette game.

Well, Death can't really be killed, only defeated. When you defeat Death, he will return to his throne and compliment your skills, for a mortal. He will then provide you safe passage back to the mortal realm, free of charge. You will also receive the Magick with which to Summon Death (though he often goes for you, instead of what you want killed). Proceed to Chapter Eleven.

Tip TIP: Summon Death (Arcane (S)Cold (R)IceCold (R)Arcane (S)+spacebar) is a very powerful Magick. When cast, Death will appear somewhere near the direction you are pointing. Death will then charge at whoever has the lowest amount of percentage health remaining and swing his big scythe at it, killing it unless it moves or teleports away just before the scythe lands. Additional notes:
  1. Summon Death CAN target you if your health happens to be the lowest.
  2. Summon Death has no effect when it targets an undead.
  3. Summon Death will not target certain bosses (those that do not move such as Grimnir, Fafnir, etc) and structures.
  4. However, you CAN get Death to swing at you standing next those bosses, you Teleport away before the scythe lands, and the scythe will end up hitting Grimnir, Fafnir, etc.