These are listed in order of game appearance.

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Ach raining.jpg

It's raining (beast)men
Gib 5 beastmen in 5 seconds.
Doable in Area 1, Area 3 or Area 4 where you can easily gather 5 or more beastmen to bunch up. "Gib" means to overkill them (do so much damage that their corpses explode). Casting Water(Q)Water(Q)+area cast to wet them, then casting Cold (R)Cold (R)Cold (R)Cold (R)Cold (R)+area cast to freeze them, and then casting SteamSteamArcane (S)Lightning (A)Lightning (A)+area cast to shatter/overkill the surrounding beastmen.

Ach onlyone.jpg

There can be only one
Kill MacLeod.
You find MacLeod in Area 3. After crashing your airship, there is a man standing, staring over a cliff. Kill him to earn this achievement. Do not push him off the cliff.

Ach moose.jpg

King's Quest
Find all the moose.

  • 4/12 - The path to the right side of the stonehenge next to the field in Area 3.
Ach goat.jpg

There is no goat level
Defeat Jotunn.
Defeat Jotunn (boss) at the end of the Chapter in Area 5.

Ach firstblood.jpg

First Blood
Kill one enemy using the M60.
To get the M60, you must defeat Jotunn without any buildings being destroyed. If you are keeping Gram from the previous chapter, pick up the M60, kill a villager and then grab Gram again before moving on.


Ach robehat.jpg

I put on my robe and wizard hat
Acquire all Magicks in adventure mode.

  • 6/21 - Thunder Bolt - On the floor next to the dead knight where the fight with the Druids are in Area 3.


  • Staves
    • Staff of Life (Regeneration Aura/Revive) - In a garden beside the first house you see in Area 1
    • Gnarled Staff (Immune to Poison/Summon Tree Spirit) - Dropped by the Druids at the stonehenge in Area 3
  • Weapons
    • Skyward Spear (Medium Physical and Lightning) - Dropped by the Beast Raider Alphas with lightning protection aura throughout the chapter
    • Blade of Surt (Medium Physical and Fire/Ignites targets) - Propped up against some crates beside the door of the windmill north of the first village in Area 1
    • Exotic Blade (Medium Physical/Fast, armor piercing) - Dropped by MacLeod at the start of Area 3
    • Mace of the Molten Core (High Physical/Slow, sets target on fire) - Dropped by Beast Brute Alphas with fire protection aura in Area 3 onwards
    • Mace of the Earth (High Physical/Slow, pushes target back) - Dropped during the boss fight with Jotunn in Area 5 by a Beast Brute Alpha with a earth protection aura. This particular beastman only joins the fight about 1 minute after engaging Jotunn. You will need to pick up the weapon during the boss fight, not after Jotunn dies.
    • M60 (Low Physical/Fast, Ranged. Not affected by Time Warp, cannot be imbued) - Reward by the villagers if you defeat Jotunn with no buildings being destroyed

Monsters and Bosses[]

Chapter Story[]

Chapter 3 - Revenge of the Tribes
After saving the village of Veiditorp, and slaying the serpent Jormungandr, their journey took the wizards to the windy lands of the Halödin Coast. There, rumors of beastman raiders had scared away most of the settlers, and made all the children cry for their mommies. But with Vlad's almost vampiric powers aiding them in their quest, the wizards felt safe, and reassured that they could not fail.

Area 1[]

Tip WARNING: A bug introduced in the v1.3.4.0 patch (on February 11, 2011) caused most of Chapter Three to be skipped. That is, players loaded straight to Area 5 of this chapter and engaged with Jotunn immediately. If you encounter this bug, there are two solutions:
  1. Exit the game, restart Steam and have Magicka patch to v1.3.4.1 (or later), or
  2. Exit the game, and follow the instructions in this post to edit the Chapter 3 XML level file to start in Area 1 properly (you only need Notepad for this).

After the starting cutscene where Vlad sees you approaching and throws a villager he is snac... err chatting with down the cliff side, follow the road north to the small village. Just inside the stone hedge, you will see a vegetable garden with a Staff of Life leaning on the tree. As you continue north east along the road, the village will be attacked by Beast Raiders. They wield long spears, move fairly quickly and will leap at you from a distance, knocking you backwards if you get hit. You will notice that one of these beastmen has a purple lightning resistance aura. That's a Beast Raider Alpha and he carries a Skyward Spear. You can take this weapon once that enemy is destroyed.

Tip TIP: If you are having difficulty killing beastmen, you can knock them off the southern cliffs with Water(Q)Water(Q)Water(Q)Water(Q)Water(Q)+Area cast.

The doors to all the houses are locked. Don't bother. Continue following the path until you reach a fork in the road. The northwestern path leads to a windmill where you can grab the Blade of Surt leaning against some crates. Return to the fork and continue down the northeastern path. Grab the checkpoint along the way.

Tip TIP: If you would like to get the "It's raining (beast)men" achievement, you need to overkill 5 beastmen in 5 seconds. Overkill means to do so much damage that the corpse explodes into pieces. You might want to restart the chapter now to do this since this is the only chapter with beastmen in it. Just Haste yourself and run to the windmill from the start of the chapter and you will have more than 5 beastmen following you. Kill them all with SteamSteamArcane (S)Lightning (A)Lightning (A)+area cast.

The path eventually narrows and you will come across a large group of Goblin Rogues and Goblin Rangers having a picnic! Interestingly, a single Beast Brute is having fun with them as well. The Beast Brute carries a pair of axes instead of a spear. Instead of leaping to you, they charge in a straight line on the ground to you. Slaughter all of them and move to the broken bridge in the east. Vlad appears and curses the goblins for sabotaging the bridge and suggests that both of you steal the now empty goblin airship and use it to reach Havindr. Brilliant plan!

Area 2[]

The airship is now flying northwards towards Havindr with Vlad flying it. However, all is not well, other goblin airships will attack yours by docking along side yours alternating on the left and right sides. When enemy airships dock alongside of yours, Goblin Rogues will attempt to board your airship while Goblin Rangers and Goblin Bombers will shoot arrows and throw bombs from their airship. The biggest danger here is getting thrown off the ship by an exploding bomb!

Tip TIP: Take out the Goblin Bombers quickly! You can charge up fireballs (Earth (D)+Fire (F)) and launch it at the enemy airship before it docks. The longer you hold down the right mouse button before releasing it, the further projectile spells will fly (and the larger the damage). If you manage to hit a Goblin Bomber with fire, it explodes and dies immediately and will drop 4 more bombs on its ship which blows up the other goblins! Remember you can push back any bombs on your ship by pressing right click without having a spell queued in your spell bar.

Do not board the enemy airships. Eventually Vlad runs out of the cabin claiming that he has "sensed a great disturbance in his town" and abandons the ship. No clue how he survives the fall... Goblin airships continue to assault the airship. With nobody piloting the airship, your airship starts to swing wildly in the air, the view below starts to whirl round and round, the screen blacks out and you hear a loud crash. Maybe this wasn't such a brilliant idea after all...

Area 3[]

Now that you have crash landed, take out the Beast Raiders and Beast Brutes nearby and head to the cliff edge to the north east where you will find MacLeod staring at a rock on the edge of the cliff. Kill him to take his Exotic Blade and earn the "There can be only one" achievement! Notice how his head falls off his shoulders even though you might not have used your sword to kill him.

Continue across the bridge to the northwest, you will encounter a group of Beastmen with a Beast Raider Alpha lightning resistance aura, followed by another group with a Beast Brute Alpha with a fire resistance aura. The latter group is your first opportunity to get the Mace of the Molten Core weapon. Do not fight them just across the bridge because they can knock you over the cliff edge with their charge attack, instead run across the bridge so they have to cross it and take advantage of the narrow bridge.

Continue following the road until you reach a fork. Grab the checkpoint at the fork and follow the east path along the stone wall until you find a moose (Moose 4). Then return and head up the northern path.

Here is your first encounter with three Druids in the middle of the stones placed in a way that looks suspiciously like the Stonehenge. One of them declares that you will never go through the forest alive and runs off to the north leaving his two buddies to kill you. The druids will

  1. Summon Tree Spirits to fight with them. The Tree Spirits cannot become wet, and, in fact, spells with water elements heal them. Consequently they are very weak to fire magick. They perform a melee attack with their branches that does a knockback.
  2. Cast the Rain Magick (Water(Q)Water(Q)Fire (F)+spacebar) which puts out fires. Rain does not heal Tree Spirits.
  3. Cast water bolts (Water(Q)+Earth (D)) which detonate with a knockback (and heals the Tree Spirits).
  4. Cast volcano fissures in a straight line (Shield (E)Earth (D)Fire (F)+shift left click, swing weapon). Touching the fissures will cause you to catch on fire.
Tip TIP: You can Nullify (Arcane (S)Shield (E)+spacebar) the rain as well as any volcano fissures on the ground. Using water resistance (Water(Q)Shield (E)+middle click) also helps. Dry yourself if you are wet (Fire (F)+middle click}.

The druids themselves are immune to poison (although you don't have any poison spells) and love to cast Rain, water bolts and volcano fissures. The volcano fissures actually help you because Tree Spirits and Druids will walk into it, setting themselves on fire and killing themselves.

Both druids will drop a Gnarled Staff which gives you poison immunity (so that's why the Druids are immune to poison) and lets you summon a Tree Spirit to fight for you. Tree Spirits have 2,500 health and as mentioned before, have a knockback melee attack, are healed by water elements and cannot become wet. Note that summoned minions do not move at all unless there are enemies on the screen. They do not follow you around and do not carry over between areas.

During the fight, or after, grab the Thunder Bolt Magick lying next to the body of the dead knight. This Magick is one of the most valuable solo (and group, depending on the level of teamwork) Magicks. Now head north to the next area.

Tip TIP: Thunderbolt (SteamLightning (A)Arcane (S)Lightning (A)+spacebar) normally deals 5,000 lightning damage to a target in front of you. If the target is wet, it deals 10,000 damage! Thunder Bolt will hit the tallest target (most elevated) if there are multiple targets in front of you. Thunder Bolt will also prefer armored units (enemies in metal). It will not hit you.

Tip TIP: Alternatively to fighting the 2 druids after the cut scene, it is possible to snipe them from afar and make them come to you, away from the henge. (Earth (D)IceIceIceIce) fully charged is enough to one-hit kill them, and you can get 1 free shot before they target you. Afterwards you can enter the henge, skip the cutscene and just kill the 2 summoned tree spirits with fire while running in circles.

Lastly, killing all 3 druids still makes the 3rd one appear during Area 4 (the one that should have ran away during the cut scene)

Area 4[]

Head northeast, kill the Beastmen, and hit the checkpoint. You will be engaging in a big, multi-stage battle once you go up the stairs. The first few waves will be of various combinations of Beastmen with lightning and/or fire resist, and the last wave will have a Druid as well, the one that ran away earlier. Your crowd control spells are a necessity to prevent yourself from being overwhelmed. Carefully aimed Thunder Bolts can be used to take out key enemies as well if they are not protected by a lightning aura.

Once you've won this battle, continue to the north east to the next area.

Area 5[]

Welcome to Dunderhaed! The villagers inform you that they supply gunpowder to Havindr and that they have a shipment about to leave the village right now. Unfortunately, a Beastmen raid descends on the village and everyone hides except you.

Here you will face your third boss, Jotunn, the Beast Chieftain!

Jotunn, Chieftain of the Tribes
Max Hitpoints 8000
Species Beastman
Appearances A purple Beastman
Weaknesses Unknown
Regeneration 0
Speed 3
Score Value 0

Jotunn is the chieftain of the beastmen tribes. He is larger than the average beastman and has a lightning resistance aura so Thunder Bolt and other lightning spells will not work against him. He carries a large battle axe and moves relatively slowly compared to you. He has a surprisingly few number of attacks:

  1. A melee attack with his axe that does 666 damage. Easily dodged.
  2. Casts an earth fissure towards you (Earth (D)+shift left click+swing weapon) that knocks you down if it hits you.
  3. Jumps in the air and lands with a small earthquake (Earth (D)+shift right click) that knocks you down if you are in the area.

At any one time, only 6 enemies will be active. That is, Jotunn will be supported by up to 5 other beastmen of varying combinations of Raiders and Brutes. The following Beastmen can spawn randomly up until a total of 5 are present along with Jotunn.

  • Beast Raider (wielding a fire torch that can set you on fire)
  • Beast Brute
  • Beast Brute Alpha (with fire resistance aura, drops Mace of the Molten Core)
  • Beast Brute Alpha (with earth resistance aura, drops Mace of the Earth)
  • Beast Raider Alpha (with lightning resistance aura, drops Skyward Spear)

However, once you have killed 6 of any of the beastmen that are NOT the torch wielders, all of them will stop spawning. Since this is the only place where Mace of the Earth drops, if you are after this weapon and the appropriate Beast Brute Alpha hasn't spawned, you will need to suicide and restart this encounter. Note that you have to pick up the weapon during the boss fight as you will lose the opportunity to do so as soon as Jotunn dies.

Jotunn himself is easy to kill with any spell that you care to use but keep in mind he is immune to the lightning. However, he is able to be targeted by Crash to Desktop, which will end the fight in one cast if it hits him.

If you are particularly concerned about killing Jotunn without losing any houses, Area of Effect ice spells (IceIceIceIceIce, with ice being made by combining Water(Q) andCold (R)) will damage and slow all of the enemies, preventing the torch bearers from ever getting near the houses.

Defeating Jotunn will complete the "There is no goat level" achievement.

Throughout the fight, the Beast Raiders carrying fire torches will occasionally set fire to the buildings. There are five buildings in the village.

Tip TIP: Casting Rain will automatically prevent all buildings from being destroyed by fire, allowing you to take care of other issues. Combine with Cold (R)Arcane (S) spells to easily annihalte the beastmen. If you want it more challenging, you can dowse an individual burning building with a water spray (Water(Q)) of any strength before it blows up. Conversely, you can also set the buildings on fire yourself with a fire spray (Fire (F)).

If you manage to kill Jotunn before any of the buildings are destroyed, the villagers will reward you with the M60, made by Angus with a paperclip and a shotgun (Macgyver reference)! This is easily done by killing Jotunn in the northwest area where Jotunn enters so that the enemies are engaged before reaching the buildings.

Even if you don't want the M60 (say you're carrying Gram or something else you don't wish to part with), pick it up and kill a villager for the "First Blood" achievement (Rambo reference). Unlike other weapons, you cannot imbue the M60 bullets.

Jump on the wagon for a free ride to Havindr and the chapter is complete! Hopefully, this will be much safer than the goblin airship.