These are listed in order of game appearance.

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Ach legend.jpg

Stuff of legends
Defeat Fafnir by striking him with Gram.
Stuck in a tree just above the Moose 2/12 is the sword Gram. This is required to complete the Stuff of Legends achievement in Chapter Eleven.

Ach moose.jpg

King's Quest
Find all the moose.

  • 2/12 - The forest troll munching on Halldor's "wife" is really a dead moose in Area 3.
  • 3/12 - Near the pile of bones at the start of Area 5.
Ach sherlock.jpg

Sherlock Holmes
Find all secret areas in the game.

  • 4/14 - Sword of the Masters - Freeze the river and going north after the battle with Goblin Hood (green robed Goblin Ranger) and his war band in Area 3.
  • 5/14 - Frost Staff - In the troll cave a few steps north of Moose 3/12 in Area 5.
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Solid Snake
Defeat Jormungandr.
Defeat Jormungandr (boss) at the end of the Chapter in Area 6.


Ach robehat.jpg

I put on my robe and wizard hat
Acquire all Magicks in adventure mode.

  • 4/21 - Rain - Found in the first cave you come across that is guarded by goblins in Area 1.
  • 5/21 - Nullify - Found beside the altar where a goblin shaman is fought in Area 4.


  • Staves
  • Weapons
    • Warhammer (Medium Physical/Pushes target back) - On the anvil outside Gram's Workshop just before the crashed goblin airship in Area 2
    • Gram (Medium Physical/Dragon Slayer (kill Fafnir 1 hit)) - Stuck in a tree above Moose 2/12 in Area 3
    • High Quality Goblin Dirk (Low Physical/Fast) - Dropped by Goblin Hood when he attacks with his war band in Area 3
    • Sword of the Masters (Medium Physical/Shoots Arcane when the wielder is at full health) - See Secret 4/14 above

Monsters and Bosses[]

Chapter Story[]

Chapter 2 - Attack of the Goblins
And so our young and bold wizards set forth on their quest. Guiding them through the perils of the world was the dashingly handsome Vlad, who is by no means a vampire! As they approached Fornskogur Forest, it became clear that there was evil afoot.

Area 1[]

You enter the outskirts of a village and see the remains of a burnt farm. It appears that the inhabitants didn't die to the fire but somehow died mysteriously outside the building with all their bones picked clean! Examine the skeletons and Vlad will appear to gently remind you that there is a village ahead and that you should be nice to the villagers. You can try to kill Vlad, but I wouldn't really try. Even with the most damaging beam, it would take about one hour because Vlad has 4,000,000 health.

Head north along the path. You will encounter your first Goblin Ranger here which shoots arrows at you. Any projectile will knock you on the ground if you have a personal shield active (a shield cast using Shield (E)+middle click). You can queue elements into your spellbar while being knocked down, but any spell you cast will not actually be cast until you pick yourself up from the ground. When facing any enemies with a ranged weapon, it is best not to use a personal shield.

Tip TIP: If you combine any element with a Shield (E) and self cast it with middle click, you are creating a personal elemental resistance shield that only protects you from that element. This means that physical projectiles will still hit you but won't knock you down.

Dispatch the enemies and move north. Another cutscene will trigger showing you goblins running out of a cave. Kill the goblins and be sure to grab the Rain Magick in the cave. Remember to dry yourself with Fire after trying out the Rain Magick.

Tip TIP: Rain (Water(Q)Steam+spacebar) is one of several weather modifying Magicks. When Rain is cast, the skies will darken and it will start to rain for 20 seconds. Anyone not protected by water resistance (Water(Q)Shield (E)+middle click) or not standing in a shield bubble (Shield (E)+shift right click) will get wet. And anything that is wet takes more damage from lightning spells and cannot cast spells with the lightning component in it. They will instead take damage when trying to queue the lightning component.

Continue to follow the path where some goblins cross a small stream to attack you. They will all be wet and thus take extra damage from lightning. Kill them however you wish, cross the stream, dry yourself with Fire and move on. You still have a city to save, you know.

Area 2[]

Welcome to the village of Veiditorp!

If you look around the village there will be a red herring you can inspect on the fish rack (har har har, get it? red herring? distraction?). The villagers aren't too happy about your presence since they think that your presence draws trouble. The doors are all locked so you can't steal anything.

Once you get to Gram's Workshop, a cutscene will trigger and goblin pirates will begin to attack from an airship that just crash landed in the east. Two new enemies appear here. The Goblin Rogues here are armed with a cutlass rather than just knifes and do more damage than the previous ones you have met. The other new enemy is the Goblin Bombers. They lob bombs your way which explode after some time. Anyone caught in the explosion will take damage and get thrown across the screen. These bombs DO damage goblins as well. When a Goblin Bomber dies, it will drop 4 bombs. Any sort of spell with Fire in it will cause the bombs to explode so make ample use of it! Be careful not to get blasted into the water and drown.

Tip TIP: You can push bombs and goblins away. Push is done by right clicking without any Element queued up in the spell bar. You can do an area push (all directions around you rather than just the direction you are facing) by using shift+right click, again with no Element queued in the spell bar.

Tip TIP: Just like wizards, Goblins cannot swim too. They drown in the water just like you. Water(Q)Water(Q)Water(Q)Water(Q)Water(Q)+shift right click is a great way to knock all enemies away from you, especially into the water body nearby.

After the battle is over, you can pick up the Warhammer resting on the anvil just outside Gram's workshop. Continue north and the annoying Vlad will appear and tell you to be on your guard for goblins after entering Fornskogur Forest. He seems surprised that you survived the goblin attack. Tip; You can use the Crash To desktop magick on the man in the shop before the fight begins. This will skip the entire fight

Area 3[]

Go north until you reach the lumberjack and talk to him. You will see a Forest Troll eating a moose (Moose 2 of the King's Quest achievement). Trolls can pick you up, knock you around, and otherwise give you a bad day. They are very slow, so take advantage. After all, you already killed a Forest Troll in Chapter One... except this time it will be on your own. This particular troll is so busy eating the dead moose that it will not attack you at all even if you move right up to it and examine the moose for the achievement.

Tip TIP: Go near the moose and look right above it. You will see a sword stuck in the tree. This is Gram. If you want the "Stuff of Legends" achievement, you will have to use this sword to deliver the killing blow on a boss about 10 levels in the future. So hang onto this sword! Unfortunately, you can't pick up Gram unless you kill the Forest Troll.

Continue east and follow the path. You will come across a checkpoint and a goblin ambush. Just as you think you are safe after killing all of them, another cutscene is triggered with a Goblin Hood standing on a bridge over a small river.

The Goblin Hood is a much more accurate and faster Goblin Ranger, so be careful and use the river to your advantage. Every goblin that steps in it becomes soaked. An effective way to kill all of them is to use Lightning (A)Lightning (A)Lightning (A)Lightning (A)Lightning (A) and cast chain lightning. The Goblin Hood also drops a High Quality Goblin Dirk. Nothing special, move along.

Once everything is dead, freeze the river and travel north from the bridge. Eventually, you will find some dry land and a hollow fallen tree trunk leading to secret area (Secret 4). Continue north in this secret area and you will find a sword in a stone (very similar to how you got the master sword in a Link to the Past, eh?). This is the Sword of the Masters and it shoots elemental beams when you are at full health which do about 450-500 damage each. Not bad. But keep Gram if you want the Stuff of Legends achievement unless you decide to do it in the next playthrough. Exit this area and continue east from the Goblin Hood bridge.

Kill a few more goblins and keep going east... to find that the road is completely blocked by a huge fallen tree. Vlad appears and tells you that you will have to go through the deepest parts of Fornskogur Forest instead and that the great serpent Jormungandr lives in it. Can't Vlad be more comforting for once?

Area 4[]

You will immediately be pushed into a fight with a bunch of goblins. Use your favorite Area of Effect spell to blast them into a million pieces and continue north into a HUGE group of goblins.

You will fight your first enemy wizard here, the Goblin Shaman.

  1. It likes to cast a beam of water Water(Q)+Arcane (S), so put on water resistance (Shield (E)+Water(Q)+middle click) or you might get wet.
  2. It casts chain lightning Lightning (A)+Lightning (A) occasionally, usually damaging many of the goblins in the process.
  3. It sometimes uses the Rod of Emergency Teleport it is holding, which teleports the user to a random nearby location while yelling "Beam me" and "Scotty".
  4. It puts up a fire resistance aura.
  5. It rarely does an Arcane (S) only beam.
  6. It rarely does an area knockback.
Tip WARNING: When two beams from two wizards cross each other, if the beams contains any opposite elements, there will be an explosion at the point where the two beams meet. This could be used to your advantage but if the explosion happens to be near you... In multiplayer games, this is the cause of many player deaths.
Tip TIP: When two beams from two wizards cross each other and does not contain opposite elements, the two beams will combine into a single beam with all the elements from both beams combined. The new beam travels in the median direction of the two original beams (if you're mathematically inclined, the direction will be the perpendicular bisector of the line between the two wizards). In multiplayer games, multiple wizards can combine beams together to form really powerful ones.

You can thus try to use beam logic to make the beam explode in the shaman's face. You can cross a Lightning (A) beam or a Life (W) beam (since Lightning (A) is the opposite to Water(Q) and Life (W) is the opposite to Arcane (S)}; as long as at least one of the elements is part of the beam, it will explode at the point of beam crossover.

Since there are so many enemies, you should also use Area of Effect spells and crowd control combos (eg: Cold (R)Earth (D)Earth (D)Earth (D)Earth (D)+shift right click). And don't forget that you have the Haste Magick and that your staff may also have active abilities! If you kept the Staff of the White Wizard from Chapter One, you could use it to fear goblins near you. In practice though, a few well placed Area of Effect spells will decimate everything.

Tip TIP: Especially, Rain followed by spamming Arcane (S)Arcane (S)Arcane (S)Arcane (S)Cold (R) AoE combos makes encounters like this (many weak enemies in the open world) a piece of cake! But dry your clothes afterwards to make sure you don't end up catching a bad cold...

Once the place is cleared out, be sure to grab the Nullify Magick near the starting location of the Goblin Shaman. You can also take the Rod of Emergency Teleport or the High Quality Goblin Dirk it left behind if you like. Move on to the next area.

Tip TIP: Nullify (Arcane (S)Shield (E)+spacebar) is an extremely useful Magick when fighting against enemy wizards. When cast, it cancels all Magicks that are currently active such as weather modifying Magicks like Rain and Blizzard. It also removes shields and things like spell-created landmines. However, Nullify can be a double-edged sword as it also removes your shields as well as those of friendly players. One thing that Nullify does NOT remove is resistance shields and auras.

Area 5[]

Kill the Forest Troll and the goblins in this area and inspect the dead moose (Moose 3) to the southeast. To the north, there is a cave which will spawn another Forest Troll; inside the cave (Secret 5) is yet another troll. Kill it and find the Frost Staff located in a fridge with a frozen wizard in it. Forest Trolls have gotten quite technologically advanced you know.

When you are done exploring, head northeast, kill another group of goblins - this one has a heavy proportion of Goblin Rangers, so be careful, then move on to the final area.

Area 6 - Jormungandr's Lair[]

Vlad appears to say that this area used to be Jormungandr's lair... and both of you walk right into Jormungandr! Vlad conveniently teleports away, welcome to your second boss fight!

Jormungandr, Guardian of the Tree
Jormungandr lunge.png
Max Hitpoints 10000
Species Unique
Appearances A large green serpent
Weaknesses Shield (E)
Regeneration ?
Speed ?
Score Value ?

Jormungandr is a large green serpent that blends in well with its surroundings. It can burrow into the ground. When underground, it cannot be damaged. When above the ground, it remains stationary although it will turn to face you. Only its head can be attacked, but unfortunately the wizards in Midgård are dumb because beam and projectile spells can only target enemies on level ground with you. This means that beam and projectile spells are ineffective in general against Jormungandr because its head is usually high up in the air. Jormungandr will do the following:

  1. It will sometimes burrow underground and attempt to unburrow underneath you. You can tell where it is about to emerge because a fountain of dirt will appear. Quickly move aside when this happens or you will get knocked away for moderate damage.
  2. It will also burrow whenever it takes damage.
  3. After unburrowing, if you are in lunge range, it will lower his head to prepare to lunge at you. This is the time the head is susceptible to beam and projectile spells. After about a second, it will perform a lunge attack which poisons you and knocks you down for moderate damage. You can
    1. Dodge the attack by circling the boss. Relatively easy to do, especially if you are Hasted.
    2. Cause its lunge attack to abort by doing at least one damage to its head while it is lowered.
    3. Cast a shield bubble or directional shield causing its lunge attack to smack straight into the shield, causing a significant amount of damage to Jormungandr.
  4. If you are not in lunge range, it will spit poison balls at you.
  5. While underground, it will sometimes dive in and out of the ground in an attempt to ram into you. Easy to dodge.

There are many different effective strategies to kill it:

  1. Let Jormungandr kill himself on shield bubbles (Shield (E)+shift right click). Just keep one up all the time. Even if he's underground. He hits his head when he tries to pop out and will burrow immediately.
  2. Attack his head with a high damage projectile or beam spell when he is about to lunge.
  3. Lightning (A)Lightning (A)Lightning (A)Lightning (A)Lightning (A) and IceIceIceIceIce+Area Cast can hit his head regardless of the position of his head, but you have to be standing fairly near. Fire (F)Fire (F)Fire (F)Fire (F)Fire (F)+Area Cast seems to be very effective when done close as Jormungandr will be set on fire, multiple casts in quick succession can bring it down in a very short time.
  4. Thunder Bolt (a Magick from future chapters, but you might have it if this is your second playthrough) hits elevated targets. The head is an obvious target.
  5. Cast Meteor Shower (requires Wizard Hat DLC) repeatedly and wait for a lucky one-hit kill.

Defeating Jormungandr will complete the "Solid Snake" achievement.

Once you kill him you are done with this level, yay!