Charm Information Magick charm.png
Game Description: The ultimate magick for having your way with people. Only works on the weak-minded, which, by the way, is a rather sizable number.
Combination: Life (W)Shield (E)Earth (D)
Keycode: WED
Location: Chapter Nine: Found in the first room of the Count's castle on the right leaning on the wooden furniture next to the couches.

Spell effects[]

Charm causes the closest enemy unit that the caster is looking directly at (in a straight line, it is not cone or circle-based, the wizard must be facing it) to be charmed for 15 seconds. When charmed, the unit becomes allied temporarily to the casting wizard and it will attack nearby enemies of the wizard instead. In the absence of any enemies, the charmed unit will stop moving and do nothing.

Charm can be removed by casting Nullify.


  • Very useful against a number of bosses and monsters, particularly Vlad, Snow Trolls and the monsters in Chapter Eleven.
  • Lasts a fairly long duration.
  • Charmed monsters form additional meat shield and distraction for the player.


  • Charm can be removed by Nullify.
  • The wizard has to be looking directly at the target unit to be charmed (the mouse cursor is in that direction).
  • Has no use in PvP because wizards are considered allies. Does not work on certain bosses, like Fafnir, Grimnir or Assatur.