Staff Information
Game Description: It is said that these rare staves were able to send wizards back in time, which apparently was quite popular back in the day. However, the flawed imitation diamonds in the Chron-o-Rod have degraded over time, so now the best a wizard can hope for is to slow down time a little.
Passive: None
Active: Time Warp
Location: Magicka: Gamer Bundle, it is the default staff for the Tentacle Wizard.

Appears in Magicka: Gamer Bundle and can only be obtained with the "Tentacle Wizard" wizard model as the default starting staff.


  • The Chron-o-Rod allows you to slow down time for about 15 seconds.


  • Time Warp at Chapter 1!
  • Useful in a pinch.
  • Looks nice.


  • Not useful anywhere else.