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Weapon Information (pending)
Game Description: The Compact Crossbow is a small, portable version of the classic Crossbow, which is never used by wizards owing to the strength required to load it. This one, however, is designed to suit wizards perfectly. The Compact Crossbow comes with a fancy wrist attachment. Each arrow must be poisoned separately.
Damage: Low Physical
Special: Ranged, Poisons
Location: Magicka: Party Robes DLC, it is the default weapon for the Rogue Wizard.

The Compact Crossbow appears in the Magicka: Party Robes DLC, and can only be obtained with the "Rogue Wizard" wizard model as the default starting weapon.


  • It is a ranged weapon, but unlike firearms, the arrows it fires drop over distance, effectively limiting its range.
  • It fires at the same rate as the M1911, but deals lower damage.
  • It invokes the "poisoned" status effect on hit, allowing the user to deal damage over time to many enemies at once.


  • Ranged
  • Poisons enemies on hit
  • Hit-and-run style complements the Rogue's high speed and low health


  • Limited range
  • Low initial damage


The Compact Crossbow is one of only four ranged weapons available as default weapons.

The poisoned status effect wears off on Jormungandr when he dives back into the ground.