Conflagration Information Magick conflagration.png
Game Description: Feeling like spontaneously combusting things? With this heat wave, you can torch large hordes of enemies - or truly vast quantities of sausages.
Combination: SteamElement fire.pngSteamElement fire.pngSteam
Location: Chapter Four: Inside a burning building you are forced to detour through.

Spell effects[]

Conflagration causes a wave of heat of size 11(width)x2x2 to emit from the casting wizard 3 distance away that travels rapidly in the direction he is facing. Everything caught in this heat wave will take 600 fire damage and catch on fire, possibly causing panic mode. The on fire damage initially starts ticking at 150 damage but this will decrease over time (as does all on fire effects). Units that are wet/frozen will still take 600 fire damage, but will become dry/thawed and not catch on fire. Grease patches caught in the conflagration will also get lit.

Conflagration lasts for 1 second and travels for a distance of 20. It can be Nullified while the heat wave is moving, however it is difficult to do so because the speed is extremely fast. The heat wave will also move through obstacles and is capable of hitting targets behind walls. Conflagration does not melt frozen water/lava surfaces unlike other fire spells.

If Conflagration is cast inside a shield bubble, it will only hit units inside the same shield bubble and the shield bubble will take 600 damage. If Conflagration is cast outside a shield bubble, it will not affect any units inside the shield bubble and the shield bubble takes no damage.

Using multiple Conflagrations does not diminish in effectiveness because the fire damage taken while being on fire stacks on repeat applications.


  • Causes a lot of damage if there is a large group of enemies caught in the conflagration.
  • Very difficult to Nullify due to the fast movement speed of conflagration.
  • Can hit targets out of direct line of sight.
  • Kills Goblin Bombers instantly and instantly detonates any bombs that they have thrown (as does any fire spell).


  • Not effective if targets are wet, especially if it is raining.
  • The combination to cast Conflagration is 8 elements long and is particularly hard to cast.
  • Easily countered by using a fire immunity aura (Fire (F)Shield (E)+Self) or a shield bubble (Shield (E)+Self).
  • Deals very low damage to single, powerful enemies such as trolls. In such moments, it's disappointing because it deals less damage than it looks it should deal.


  • Conflagration is used by Grimnir.
  • Before patch v1.3.5.4, Conflagration was capable of hitting targets that are incorporeal. This included all Daemons, Future Vlad and Death.
  • Conflagration is one of the two Magicks that consists of 8 elements (Vortex is the other). There are no Magicks that have a longer element combination.