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* All wizards have this spell in [[Game Modes|Adventure Mode]] as it is automatically acquired.
* All wizards have this spell in [[Game Modes|Adventure Mode]] as it is automatically acquired.
* Added to the game with the [[January 26, 2012 Patch]].

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Confuse Information Magick Confuse.png
Game Description: Tired of your foes always knowing what to do? Do they always head right for you and your "friends" without hesitation? Try the new Confuse Magick! It's guaranteed to make your enemies attack whatever is nearby, rather than coming directly at you. Just make sure you're not... nearby...
Combination: Arcane (S)Shield (E)Lightning (A)
Keycode: SEA
Location: Chapter One: Given to you automatically after the end of the tutorial dungeon by Shams.

Spell effects

Confuse, when used against enemies, works a bit like a "may or may not work" version of Charm. It targets the closest enemy to a casting player (up to 14 units' distance) and causes them to attack the nearest thing to them. If the player is the nearest thing, they may continue attacking the player regardless of status ailment. The trick is to cast Confuse on enemies near other enemies, or cast Confuse and run away.

Against players, it works just like the enemy version of Confuse; it reverses a player's controls, removes a number of in-between degrees of movement, and causes their element palette to shuffle.

Confuse can be removed by casting Nullify.


  • Given automatically to players who complete or skip the Tutorial.
  • Can be cast without looking in a specific direction, unlike Charm.
  • Works on enemy players in PvP!


  • Can be removed by Nullify.
  • Cannot be "aimed" and may hit random allies if they're closer than enemy units.
  • Not quite as reliable as Charm, due to the aforementioned distance condition.