Keyboard and mouse controls[]

Type PC Gamepad Description Icon
Movement Left Mouse Button Left Thumb Stick This allows the character to move around. TutShiftNotPressed.pngTutMouseLeft.png
Selecting Elements A, S, D, F, Q, W, E, and R Right Thumb Stick: move up then across etc This allows you to select a combination of elements to cast your wanted spell.
Casting Right Mouse Button Right Trigger Casting performs your selected spell. Projectile spells can be charged up by holding down for a stronger spell. TutShiftNotPressed.pngTutMouseRight.png
Area of Effect Cast Shift + Right Mouse Button Left Trigger Pressing this button combination will have the loaded elements strike in a radius around you. Any hostiles and friendlies in a radius around you will be hit by the result. TutShiftPressed.pngTutMouseRight.png
Selecting Magicks Mouse wheel (Scroll) D-Pad This allows you to select the Magick you want to use. Scroll the wheel to your wanted Magick and put in the correct spell combination in the correct order.

It is not necessary to select a Magick to use one. If you know the combination, you can put it in and cast it without selecting the Magick first.

Casting Magicks Spacebar B (red) Button This is the key necessary to cast Magicks. It will only work if you've successfully put in a correct element combination and if you have unlocked the Magick. TutSpacebarActive.png
Physical Attacks Shift + Left Mouse Button A (green) Button Pressing the left mouse button will perform an attack with your physical weapon. Holding down lets the M60 fire constantly. (If you have elements in your spellbar you will Imbue your Weapon). TutShiftPressed.pngTutMouseLeft.png
Self-Cast Mouse Wheel (Press) Y (yellow) Button This key allows you to cast a selected spell on yourself. Necessary for removing harmful status effects or healing yourself or your personal shield. TutShiftNotPressed.pngTutMouseMiddle.png
Staff Ability Mouse Wheel (Press) Y (yellow) Button Activate the staffs active ability. This is only possible if no spell is queued up. TutShiftNotPressed.pngTutMouseMiddle.png
Break free Spacebar (repeatedly) B (repeatedly) This will break you free of monsters that grab you. TutSpacebarActive.png
Boost Shield Spacebar (repeatedly) B (repeatedly) Boosts a shield so that it can take more damage and lasts longer. TutSpacebarActive.png
Block Ctrl Right Shoulder Button Blocks against melee attacks.
Inventory Tab Back Shows information about your currently equipped items.

Hotseat/cooperative on one computer[]

Currently, more than one player can play Magicka on the same computer at the same time. One player uses a mouse and keyboard while up to three other players must all use game pads. Alternatively, all players may use game pads.

It may also be possible to use a third party program (from the internet) in windows to emulate a game pad on a second mouse/keyboard combo. This would effectively trick the game into thinking there are extra players with game pads when in reality there would be extra players using a keyboard and mouse connected to the computer.

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