Corporealize Information Magick corporealize.png
Game Description: If there's something strange... in your neighborhood... just use this magick to draw those ethereal creatures in to the corporeal realm.
Combination: Arcane (S)SteamLightning (A)Shield (E)Arcane (S)
Location: Chapter Eleven: Given to you after defeating Fafnir.

Spell effects[]

Corporealize will cause any units that are ethereal to instantly become corporeal and thus become able to be attacked. Some units in the game have the ability to shift between the ethereal realm and the corporeal realm. While in the ethereal realm, they are immune to all spells and Magicks and are not targetable but they also cannot attack targets in the corporeal realm. The following is a list of units that can be/are ethereal when you encounter them:


  • Able to bring Daemons in Chapter Six into the corporeal realm immediately instead of waiting for them to materialize.
  • Without this you're unable to defeat Assatur.


  • There are few incorporeal enemies in Magicka so this spell is often useless. Has no use in PvP or Challenge.
  • Does not work well on Death because he will become ethereal again within seconds.