Crash To Desktop Information CTD.png
Game Description: Following an extremely buggy release, the clever wizards quickly harnessed this power to their advantage.
Combination: Lightning (A)Lightning (A)Element fire.pngLife (W)
Keycode: AAFW
Location: Chapter 1: Given to you after completing or skipping the tutorial.

Spell effects[]

Crash To Desktop causes a random character (enemy, ally, NPC, minion, or even the caster himself) to instantly die and disappear into thin air, with an animation of a small Blue Screen (a traditional error screen on Windows computers). This means that the Wizard does not drop any weapons he/she was holding and so they are permanently lost until the next opportunity to get them. This Magick is part of the free Mea Culpa DLC and along with the Bug Staff and Broken Sword is a joke at the buggy state Magicka released in.


  • Instantly kills target.
  • Can delete NPCs with script triggers.


  • Is completely random.
  • Does not affect most bosses.
  • Can affect you, causing an instant Defeat in single player.
  • If it hits a player, their items will be deleted.