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Weapon Information
Game Description: "The Magick Swan" an excellent choice for prying things open. Things like armor.
Damage: Low Physical
Special: Fast, Armor Piercing
Location: Chapter 8: Leaning against a stack of crates outside the explosive-packed mine entrance. Can also be obtained as the starting weapon of the Zombie Robe.


The Crowbar is a magical tool imbued with the mystical power to spark debates on the Magicka Wiki. It has a fast attack speed and can pierce armor.


  • Armor piercing, relatively high damage per second.


  • The armor piercing ability will not help much in the mines where it's found, since most enemies there are unarmored.


The Crowbar is most likely a reference to Gordon Freeman of the Half Life series, which is his signature weapon. Both crowbars also share an almost exact color scheme.