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Species Unique
Appearances A humanoid wearing tattered black robes
Weaknesses Life (W)
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Death is the final boss of Chapter 10. He has several abilities which can cause confusion to unaware players so pay attention during the fight.

First, he can summon skeletons of random elemental attributes. These skeletons will cast balls of their element-type, and send it in your direction. Casting immunity to this element and removing your personal shield will stop the knockdown but not cause you to take damage.

Second, Death will disappear and reappear in a random area of the room, and move towards you at a rapid pace. Upon reaching you, he will instantly kill you. To counter this, hit him with a Life-beam, of any strength (though, preferably full strength, and before he reaches you) or use Haste and run away. Alternatively, using Life mines (W-E shift) in a circle reduces the difficulty of this to effectively nil, as they blow the skeletons away, deal 2,000-plus damage to Death, and heal you if you step on them. In addition, one can simply cast Nullify, and kill every skeleton on screen simultaneously with minimal effort.

Lastly, he will will summon a circle of Death Shadows. One of the Shadows will be the real Death, while all others are fake. They will take turns coming up to you to kill you. Only the real Death will take a second to turn corporeal before attempting to kill you. In that time, you will be able to hit him with a Life-beam that will stop him, and damage him. Alternatively, casting a fully powered stone shield (Shield (E)Earth (D)Earth (D)Earth (D)Earth (D)) as a personal cast will prevent him from killing you. follow this up with a fully charged Life-beam. (Actually, this no longer works. Death now hits hard enough to kill Fafnir in one hit.)

One fairly easy way to get past him is to spam heal mines (Shield (E)Life (W) area) around you. That will damage him before he can hit you and cancel his attack. Then take out the occasional skeleton with a life-beam. Again, Life mines.

By far the easiest way to kill Death is to spam (Earth (D)Life (W)). Cast this spell everywhere (you can ronk it really fast) and you won't have any trouble at all. Alternatively you can cast (IceIceLightning (A)Life (W)Shield (E) area) around you the moment he swings the scythe. Another way to easily kill Death without even being hit is to spam (Earth (D)Life (W)Shield (E) area) around you all the time, when Death will try to strike you the explosion of life stones will deal it around 6000 damage.

For all the speedrunners out there, use Shield (E)Life (W)Life (W)Life (W)Life (W) area cast once, then use it again when Death becomes tangible. This will immediately detonate both sets of mines, and do unholy amounts of damage. Two or three successful hits with that tactic will end the fight. Take this with a grain of salt, though, since I don't know how life stones compare to the mines damage-wise.


  • Death owns a travel agency, which is a possible reference to the 1998 Lucas Arts Adventure Game "Grim Fandango" in which the protagonist was also a travel agent for the dead.
  • Death only speaks in capitals like the Death in Terry Pratchett's Discworld.
  • Upon defeating Death, you gain the ability to summon him.