Patch Notes
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(December 3, 2013 Wizard Wars)
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(December 24, 2013 Wizard Wars)


  • Holiday themed imps!
  • Snow in the menu scene!
  • New fancy mesh for earth armor


  • Magick selection screen!
  • Allow healing imps (and hurting Death) with the Revive burst heal.
  • Lots of tweaks to the magick description texts.


  • New snowball weapon! Holiday times are giving times, so throw it at people and shove some Holiday spirit!
  • All projectile weapons now spawn their projectiles from the root of the character and ignore the animation state. This means the projectiles will behave more consistently.
  • Vendetta Dagger projectiles now deals earth damage instead of ice to be consistent with all other weapons.


  • Stop-movement functionality added, keybinding available in Settings Menu.
  • Self-cast when clicking on self with the right mouse button can now be toggled in the Settings Menu.


  • Increased leveling curve at higher levels.


  • Reduced upstream data. This should improve the bandwidth usage of the game.
  • Improved resource packaging structure to reduce patch size.


  • All mines and bombs now have diminishing returns(multiple hits from the same batch will not scale linearly). This means in general that a single mine deals more damage, but a whole cluster deals a bit less.
  • WED+WWE combo now deals 427HP (instead of old 395), SSE+SSS combo now deals 710dmg (instead of old 805).

NPC's & AI[]

  • AI now considers all mines to be obstacles.
  • AI now properly finds a new target if the current one dies.


  • Imp Scratch and Fall sounds implemented for login screen.
  • Some new menu button sounds.


  • Mines now activate when any character enters their radius (previously only players).
  • Changing password now actually results in the server responding.
  • Crashfix when entering just spaces as a chat message.
  • Damage numbers should now appear in the correct place when running windowed mode with black bars.
  • Fix for imps not getting knocked down.
  • Fixed some typos in the hover texts for player stats.
  • Music no longer stops if you exit a lobby back to the menu.
  • Password change now looks correct, no more disappearing email.
  • Reward screen doesn't crash on relative exp calculation when player has reached max level.
  • Tutorial fix for exponential "IMPlosions".
  • Validate magicks. No more entering games with non-owned magicks!
  • We only create the client key once, instead of every time we enter game state login. Fixes a rare client crash were the client had been disconnected from the login server at least 8 times.
  • Teleport Magick crash fix.
  • Fixed a physics related bug on the map, where attacks couldn't do damage in the area around the match start spawn points.
  • Various fixes for revive magick.
  • Fixes respawn position on the server.
  • Rusty knife special attack animation now reverts nicely to the idle animation.
  • Changed the description for the "Attackspeed" stat. It is NOT the amount of attacks per second, but rather how quickly an attack is performed.
  • The Flipper Robe now has the proper stats (+Water, -Cold).