Patch Notes
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(November 27, 2013 Wizard Wars)
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(December 17, 2013 Wizard Wars)


  • Enabled store on release. Today is the day of Soon™'s demise!


  • Don't allow corpses to be pushed around. Because like, corpses have feelings too right?!
  • Allow spell input when being pushed. Now when I frantically mash my keyboard whilst being crowd-controlled my gloriously fumbled spells will be entered ready to cast, huzzah!
  • Fixes for earth and water resistances affecting push.


  • Earth armor knockdown resistance fix.
  • Increased stats on Low Tier and Founder Robes/Staffs stats for testing purposes. WILL CHANGE. ALPHA, MKAY?
  • Changed so all weapons use earth damage instead of ice or earth damage. Who knew that those shiny weapons were all made from compressed dirt and silver paint?


  • More obvious earth projectile trail. The trails linger longer, added flash to hit effect. Earth projectiles, now with add tracer rounds!
  • Fade resistance rings based on distance from projection plane (z axis only).


  • Made it easier to break stuff overall. Explosive barrels ho! Our barrels are no longer being stalked by a comic-book obsessed guy in a wheelchair. (Name that movie! - Escher)


  • Player is not made alive when respawning until client has moved to the correct position. No more flying across the map towards your respawn point.
  • Text no longer resets when input field loses focus. Poor Input Field, he just needs to learn to apply himself better. So easily distracted.
  • In air collision filter tweaks. You can't fly over the edge of the map anymore.
  • Connectivity Fixes.
  • Chat crash fix and variable naming.


  • Fixed a crash bug where the password field would not properly reset when failing to login.
  • Added version mismatch message when the requested login server is using a different version to the client.
  • Cooldown on tabs eliminates flickering
  • Tweaked equipped font sizes, removed some debug code
  • Bigger button when creating permanent wizard name. Changed font in titles.
  • New stats and descriptions for some items.
  • Proper click pass behavior, proper ui item click behavior


  • Proper hover sound event for new button events. Could this be a clue for hover-board mounted Wizards in the future?! No, it couldn't. :(


  • Fixed npc rotation bugs.
  • Imp knockdown animation bug fix. No more leg stretches for this one. DYEL?
  • Tutorial fix for exponential IMPlosions. The madness ends here!
  • Changed all attacked alert_mode's to aggression now that alert_mode is used 4 realz
  • Added "sight_range" parameter to character_system_settings.lua which sets ai distance