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Species Human
Appearances Chapters 3 and 6
Weaknesses Unknown
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They use Summon Spirit with alarming regularity, making them high-priority targets in any group. Aside from that, they often use Rain (making damaging spells tricky) and blade-spells, causing fissures of varying types to erupt under you. The best thing to do when you first encounter a druid is to cast shield on yourself and then you won't get wet from the rain as long as your shield is up, making it a whole lot easier to defeat them.


Druids will invariably drop Gnarled Staves, allowing you to fulfill all of your lumberyard fantasies by raising Spirits of your own. Be cautious, as the ability has quite a cooldown, and the Spirits will not move if they do not see an enemy.


  • The Druids bear a strong resemblance to the "Knights who say Ni" from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, shouting 'Shrubbery' as they summon a Spirit. They also sometimes say 'eki eki eki', which is the first part of the new thing the "Knights who say Ni" says.


Druids spam Tree spirits, are immune to poison attacks, constantly cast rain, use earth+fire+shield imbues and are just annoying.

However, they can be defeated. Apply these relatively simple steps:

  • Use Nullify if you plan to kill off the tree spirits first.
  • Keep a water resistance on yourself and your team while dealing with druids.
  • Never get cornered, druids excel at killing cornered wizards. Blink away if possible.
  • Try to either one-hit them with 4X Earth+ Ice, or mow them down with the super steam lightning beam.
  • Spam minions of your own (zombies work best).