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Staff Information
Game Description: Standard wizard staves are never used in close combat, as wizards are afraid such abuse might compromise the staff's ability to channel arcane energies and elements. This staff, however, is crafted from poor materials with no obvious practical use. Thus, many wizards use it in melee-- and occasionally to hang up their laundry.
Passive: None
Active: Sucker Swing
Location: Magicka: Frontier, it is the default staff for the Frontier Wizard.

The Dueling Staff appears in the Magicka: Frontier update and can only be obtained with the "Frontier Wizard" wizard model as the default starting staff.


The Sucker Swing is a melee attack that deals medium-high damage and knocks back enemies in a small arc in front of the user.


  • An extra melee attack is useful for a wizard carrying a ranged weapon (such as the Frontier Wizard)


  • Offers no resistances or ranged offensive abilities