The village in the game.
Dunderhaed map
The village on the map.
Vital statistics
Region Hálöndin Coast, Midgård
Inhabitants Agnar
Appearances Magicka

Dunderhaed is a village featured in the Magicka series. It is located along of the Hálöndin Coast, east of That Other Forest and the Myrkur Swamp.


The village of Dunderhaed is the official supplier of gunpowder to the city of Hávindr. The wizards encounter the village during Chapter 3: Revenge of the Tribes, as they travel north from Castle Aldrheim towards the city.

The wizards encounter a small farm and mill south of the village. The miller, Hrafn, is seen fleeing the village while warning of impending beastmen attacks. When the farm is attacked, the wizards may attempt to protect Vigdis and another man at the farm before moving on towards the village.

In the village, the wizards are confronted by Agnar, who offers to assist the wizards to Hávindr in return for protection from the raids. After the beastmen have been slain, Agnar will allow the wizards onto the carriage.

Known InhabitantsEdit