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From top to bottom left to right: Poison, Water, Lightning, Cold, Arcane, Steam, Life, Fire.

Elementals are powerful spirits that each align to a particular element. Elementals are encountered as enemies and may also be summoned by the player as allies.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Elementals can align to Water, Life, Cold, Lightning, Arcane, Fire or Steam and remain dormant and inactive until either the player walks past them (for enemy elementals in Chapter 10) at which point they take on a random element - or the player hits them with an attack of one of the previous types (for both enemy and summoned elementals). Additionally, a dormant elemental hit with a poison attack will become a poison elemental. Since the dormant elementals have no collision they are immune to directional shields and shield bubbles (will not get pushed by them). Earth and ice projectiles pass through inactive elementals harmlessly, and these two element types are ignored by inactive elementals. If the inactive elemental is attacked by damage that consists of more than 1 element type, the element that caused the most damage will be chosen. Elementals will not become active by any other means. Rain/Thunder Storm and Blizzard weather effects apply a 0 damage water/cold attack respectively to all units every 0.25 seconds over their duration, as such any dormant elementals exposed to these weather effects hatch appropriately into Water and Cold Elementals instantly. Whether thunderbolts from Thunder Bolt or Thunder Storm can target dormant elementals and will wake them as Lightning Elementals. Elementals have 4000 hp and move at the speed of 5 (same speed as a wizard). Elementals cause melee damage of their element type, along with the usual status effects caused by that element (if any).

All Elementals are immune to Water damage (except the Fire and Lightning Elementals) but are not immune to Water's pushback effect. All Elementals are also immune to all status effects except those caused by Magicks (Feared and Charmed). Elementals are additionally immune to damage from burning patches of fire although Dormant Elementals on such fire patches will hatch into Fire Elementals. Casting Nullify will destroy all summoned Elemental Eggs and Elementals (including those of allies).

The following table shows the 8 types of Elementals and their strengths and weaknesses to other element types. All Elementals are immune to Poison damage except Poison Elementals which get healed by them. All Elementals are healed by Life (although all of them are very resistant to healing except the Life Elemental) except the Poison and Arcane Elementals which get damaged.

A dormant elemental
Elemental types and their strengths and weaknesses
Elemental Type: Weakness Resistance Absorb Immunity Additional Notes:
Water Water(Q) Elemental: Lightning (A) Steam Poison Not weak against Fire (F)
Lightning Lightning (A) Elemental: Water(Q) Steam Lightning (A) Poison Not weak against Ice
Cold Cold (R) Elemental: Fire (F) Ice Cold (R)Poison Not weak against Steam
Fire Fire (F) Elemental: Cold (R)Water(Q)IceSteam Fire (F) Poison
Steam Steam Elemental: Cold (R)Lightning (A)Ice Steam Fire (F)Poison
Life Life (W) Elemental: Arcane (S) Poison Life (W) Poison
Arcane Arcane (S) Elemental: Life (W) Arcane (S) Poison
Poison Elemental: Life (W) Poison
Ice Ice Elemental: No such Elementals
Earth (D) Earth Elemental:
Shield (E) Shield Elemental:

As enemies[edit | edit source]

Elementals can align to any element except for Shield, Earth, and Ice and are tough opponents encountered in Chapter 10. These elementals remain dormant until a player moves near them, at which point they will spring to life charged with a random element. Each elemental is also immune to damage from it's own element and (for example) casting fire on a fire elemental will actual heal it. If a player should see a dormant elemental which does not notice the player (and therefore become a random element) - attacking it with, for instance, lightning; will cause that elemental to become a lightning elemental and attack the player - rather than a random element.

Summoned elementals[edit | edit source]

Elementals can also be summoned to fight for the player using the Summon Elemental (Arcane (S)Shield (E)Earth (D)SteamArcane (S)) Magick found in Chapter 11. These elementals will remain dormant until a player casts an element on them - they then spring to life and will chase enemies in their line of sight, but will not move or follow the player if they do not see enemies. Unlike the enemy elementals, they will not spring to life with a random element if an enemy comes close to them. A maximum of 20 summoned Dormant Elementals can be present at any time, summoning more will cause the oldest one to despawn. Each wizard may only have 16 minions active at any time; if the wizard hatches more Elementals, the earliest of the 16 minions will self-destruct. Minions last indefinitely until their death, though certain in-game events such as a cutscene will cause them to die.