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Name Image Species Weaknesses
Assatur Assatur.jpg Daemon Death, damage, magicks (especially Thunder Bolt(SteamLightning (A)Arcane (S)Lightning (A)))
Beast Raider Beast Raider.png Beastman Unknown
Beast Raider Torch Beast Raider Torch.png Beastman Unknown
Beast Raider Alpha Beast Raider Alpha Lighting.png Beastman Unknown
Beast Raider Alpha Water Beast Raider Alpha Water.png Beastman Unknown
Beast Brute Beast Brute.png Beastman Unknown
Beast Brute Alpha Beast Brute Alpha Fire.png Beastman Unknown
Beast Brute Alpha Earth Beast Brute Alpha Earth.png Beastman Unknown
Behold the Watcher Beholdthewatcher.png Beholder Lightning (A)
Death Death.png Unique Life (W), M60 machine gun
Druid Druid.jpg Human Unknown
Dwarf Warrior Dwarf Warrior.jpg Dwarf Arcane (S)
Dwarf Priest Dwarf priest.png Dwarf Unknown
Dwarf Champion Dwarf champion.png Dwarf Unknown
Fafnir Fafnir.jpg Dragon His Belly, Gram
Fire Drake Fire Drake.jpg Drake Cold and Ice
Goblin Archer Goblin Archer.png Goblin Unknown
Goblin Bomber Goblin Bomber.png Goblin Element fire.png
Goblin Captain Goblin captain.png Goblin Unknown
Goblin Commando Goblin commando.png Goblin Element fire.png
Goblin Hood Goblinhood.png Goblin Element fire.png
Goblin Miner Goblin Miner.png Goblin Element fire.png
Goblin Ranger Goblin ranger.png Goblin Element fire.png
Goblin Rogue Rogue Goblins.png Goblin Element fire.png
Goblin Rogue Pirate Goblin Rogue Pirate.png Goblin Element fire.png
Goblin Shaman Goblin shaman.png Goblin Element fire.png (unless warded)
Goblin Warrior Goblin Warrior.png Goblin Unknown
Goblin Wizard Goblin Wizard.png Goblin fire}
Grimnir Grimnir.jpg Human Thunder Bolt
Imp Imp.png Imp Unknown
Jormgundr Jormungandr lunge.png Unique Earth (D),Shield (E)+Earth (D), or Grease
Jotunn Jotunn.png Beastman Element fire.png
Khan Khan.jpg Orc Loss of blood
Necromancer Necromancer.jpg Human Conflagaration
Orc Scout Orcscout.png Orc Unknown
Orc Warrior Orc Warrior.png Orc Unknown
Orc Berserker Orc berserker.png Orc Unknown
Orc Captain Orc captain.png Orc Unknown
Orc Foreman Orc Foreman.png Orc Unknown
Giant Spider Giant Spider.png Spider Unknown
Poison Spider Poisonspider.png Spider Unknown
The Aristocrats The Aristocrats.jpg Goblin Opposite of the element resembled by the cloaks color
Tree Spirit Tree Spirit.png Treant Element fire.png
Traeskmonstír Traeskmonstír.png Treant Element fire.png
Forest Troll Forest troll unarmed.png Troll Element fire.png
War Troll War troll.png Troll Unknown
Cave Troll Cave Troll.png Troll Unknown
Snow Troll Snowtroll.png Troll Element fire.png
Zombie Zombie.PNG Undead Life (W)
Skeleton Soldier Skeleton soldier.png Undead Life (W)
Wight Wight.png Undead Life (W)
Skeleton Skeleton.png Undead Life (W)
Darksoul Darksoul fire.png Undead Life (W) and opposite element of their type