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Staff Information
Game Description: The long forgotten staff of Alrond, second cousin of the demi-god Alrand (on his mother's side).

This staff was crafted to liberate the people of Midgard in their darkest hour. It is made of the rarest of sapient pearwood, which was valiantly chopped to pieces by the High Dwarves of Firewind, and adorned with the finest crystals of Uprend. 64.3% Drop chance.

Passive: None
Active: Whispers of Alrond
Location: Magicka: Gamer Bundle, it is the default staff for the Epic Wizard.

Appears in Magicka: Gamer Bundle and can only be obtained with the "Epic Wizard" wizard model as the default starting staff.


  • The Epic Staff allows you to buff yourself with Whispers of Alrond, whereupon a countdown bar similar to that of the Shield spell will tick down underneath your health bar, and a black chaos star appears underneath your wizards feet. The buff lasts longer than it takes for the staff to recharge, making it possible to keep the buff up indefinitely. While Whispers of Alrond persists everything you do becomes roughly 11% more powerful, this goes for weapon damage and heals as well as spells and shields or barriers.


  • Being more powerful is commonly considered a good thing among wizards.
  • Arguably the starter staff that stays useful the longest.