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Weapon Information
Game Description: The famous sword in the stone – complete with stone.
Damage: Medium Physical
Special: Slow, Knockdown
  • Chapter 1: West of the woman with an exclamation point over her head, on the other side of the wheat field.
  • Chapter 7: Same location.

Excalibur is behaving more like a Mace than a sword.


  • Excalibur is slow to swing but bashes enemies for significant damage, and knocks them down for an easy follow-up attack.


  • Knocking down enemies is a good way of interrupting their attacks.
  • It's fun to use a sword with stone on its end.


  • Slow.


  • This is a refence to the Arthurian legend of the sword in the stone.
    • In truth, the Sword in the Stone and Excalibur are believed to be separate weapons, since most versions of the legend describe The Lady of the Lake giving Excalibur to Arthur some time after becoming king.
  • The sword remains firmly in the stone, since the wizard clearly isn't the once-and-future king.