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Max Hitpoints 35'000
Species Dragon
Appearances Chapter 11
Weaknesses His Belly, Gram
Regeneration None
Speed None
Score Value ?

Fafnir is a the boss of Chapter 11. Upon entering his lair he will instantly assume you are attempting to steal his treasure, and then engage you in battle. His weakness is his belly, which he keeps heavily guarded by his tail.

An easy way to kill Fafnir is to teleport between his tail and his stomach and just spam QSR into his belly. Also Invisibilty is a great tactics to get close to his belly. Alternately, you can head left and simply shove the RRSSA beam up his hindquarters. Another way to do it is avoid his attackes by staying near the stone pole, and coming out to the right only to throw stones (DDDDD) or ice balls (QR QR QR QR D, 3 hits needed) at him. And keeping Fire Shield on is a good idea. (EF self cast) Remember that your Fire immunity does not protect your shield, so don't bother with it. A final tactic is finding the sweet spot to Fafnir's right such that you can fire directly at his stomach whilst maintaining a respectable distance, if the beam is kept up long enough, Fafnir will repeatedly use the 'Destroy floor' attack, which allows an easy dispatch.

One hit kill tactic[]

1. Summon Death Tactic 1. Teleport behind Fafnir. 2. Summon Death 3. When Death starts to swing teleport out of the way. visual reference:

2. Gram Tactic 1. Find and take the sword Gram in chapter 2 2. Stab Fafnir once (Shift+left click)


Fafnir is based on the villain from the Norse Myth "Sigurd the Dragon Slayer." In this myth, Fafnir is a dwarf who turned himself into a dragon to defend his father's cache of gold. Sigurd defeats Fafnir by digging a hole and stabbing him in his one weak spot, the belly.


Ach dragon.jpg Dragon "Slayer"

Defeat Fafnir.

Ach legend.jpg Stuff of legends

Defeat Fafnir by striking him with Gram.