Fear Information Magick fear.png
Game Description: Unleash a soul-chilling howl that scares off even the most hardened foe. This baby will make your black-metal-band so famous that you might even be able to quit your day job.
Combination: Cold (R)Arcane (S)Shield (E)
Keycode: RSE
Location: Chapter Nine: Found in the first room of the Count's castle on the left sitting on a bookshelf.

Spell effects[]

Fear causes all enemy units within 10 radius of the caster to flee away from the caster for 6 seconds. Feared units move in a straight line away from the caster's position. The direction of travel away from the caster is constantly updated as the caster's position changes. This can cause enemies to walk off ledges and islands, eliminating them from the battlefield. Allies and minions of the caster are not feared when using this Magick.

The Fear Magick can also be found on the Staff of the White Wizard as its active ability with a long cooldown of 20 seconds. Technically, this staff's Fear spell is a different one (in the game's code) and it has a different sound effect, but the effects are identical.

Fear can be removed by casting Nullify.

Fear will affect dummies, like the ones at the training field below the stairs at Castle Aldrheim.


  • Very useful to avoid getting swarmed and killed, since its effect radius of 10 is fairly large.
  • Can be used to fear enemies off islands.
  • Beam spells are effective on fleeing enemies because they run in a straight line away from the caster.