Patch Notes
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(February 7, 2011)
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(February 24, 2011)

Fixed issues/bugs[]

  • Added language specific fonts.
  • Fixed faulty collision skin on the houses in Chapter 3 (Boss fight).
  • Added fail safe to XInput controllers for users crashing with the "Is your PlayerIndex correct?"-log report.
  • Fixed crash when a network client is changing scene and receives a delayed damage or boss message.
  • Fixed crash when an AI has a barrier targetted and uses an incompatible ability.
  • Added fail safe for threaded content loading on startup, this should resolve the issues related to: "GraphicsDevice component not found".
  • Fixed mouse cursor jittering when locking onto a target.
  • Fixed bug in ingame options sound menu, the game will now properly save any changes made.

New features/balancing[]

  • Support for language specific fonts added.