Patch Notes
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(February 12, 2014 Wizard Wars)
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(February 25, 2014 Wizard Wars)

Big stuff[]

  • So. First of all, 4v4, it's back! We have gotten some awesome data (and feedback) from the Duel Mode testing and feel we are in a good spot to rotate in the Wizard Warfare mode again, have fun!
  • Secondly, "practice makes perfect" is the old saying, not having a practice area made the quest for perfection that much trickier, so we added one! We know this has been a popularly requested function and now we are happy to say you have your own peaceful nook in which to practice incinerating defenseless targets (as well as imps), our training dummy "Timmy" is keen to make your acquaintance! As with any new feature, we are keen to hear your feedback!


  • Slightly smarter. Just slightly.
  • Increased Z tolerance for AI positions to avoid debug spam when they are launched in the air.


  • All purchasable store offers icons scaled on hover.
  • Lock checkout with crowns confirm button if not enough crowns or level.
  • Proper server in-game currency purchase validation.


  • Allow moving camera further down than up to fix unfair perspective.


  • Fix for NPC not being knocked down properly. "You apply beatdown to NPC, it is super-effective" Or rather, it's now as effective as it should be.
  • Fixed bug with activated graphics not despawning.
  • Many many smaller bugfixes.


  • Water storms are now destroyed by fire, and cold storms are now destroyed by water.
  • Improved variance inside grid cell for grid based magicks (meteor, hail).


  • Double triggered sound on projectiles fix. "Pew-pew" has now become "pew". So a 50% reduction in overall "pew-ing"
  • Bugfix for vendetta dagger projectile hit.
  • Rock projectile is restored. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  • Clean up. Unused elements are gone.
  • Corrected the footstep sound to make it more accurate.