Patch Notes
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(February 11, 2011)
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(February 25, 2011)

Fixed issues/bugs[]

  • Fixed initial collisionskin transformation of animated level parts.
  • Improved capsule-static mesh collision. (Reduces risk of characters falling through collision)
  • Fixed a crash when spawning too many greasefields or tornados in a network game.
  • Fixed a network bug where multiple damage types in a single damage message was read incorrectly.
  • Fixed a network bug where if a character had more than one status effect other clients would read it incorrectly.
  • Fixed kills with beam-spells for characters without gibs.
  • Fixed vortex synchronization over network.
  • Made some optimizations to the network messages.
  • Made some optimizations to the physics library.
  • Corrected some magicks cast animations.
  • Fixed Kahn’s bloodtype (black now instead of regular).
  • Fixed a bug where some effects would turn invisible when spawned in certain angles.
  • Fixed a thread issue on game startup which resulted in a crash for some users.
  • Fixed an issue where the audio engine would cause a crash when quitting the game.
  • Fixed an issue where if a gamepad tried to navigate the menu while changing chapters it would cause a crash.
  • Fixed a bug in Chapter 2 Boss where he would be stuck in single state (ranged attack).

New features/balancing[]

  • Added camera shaking effects.
  • Added Xinput gamepad rumble.
  • Fixed the duration and range of spray type spells.
  • Improved Gun's tracer bullets.
  • Reworked keyboard and mouse controller configuration.