Feskar Robe

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Feskar Robe.PNG

The Feskar Robe is one of the Robes available in Magicka 2.

Description[edit | edit source]

Robes blessed by the Church of Feskar will keep you dry even at the wettest of times.


Bonus Almost immune to Water and Steam

Protects against Wet status

Penalty Slightly vulnerable to Fire
Location Unlocked by completing Chapter 2 in the main campaign

Robe Skins[edit | edit source]

Icon: Name: Location
Feskar red skin.PNG Red Unlocked by completing Chapter 2 in the main campaign
Feskar purple skin.PNG Purple
Feskar blue skin.PNG Blue
Feskar grey skin.PNG Grey
Feskar green skin.PNG Green
Feskar melon skin.PNG Melon
Feskar yellow skin.PNG Yellow
Feskar maroon skin.PNG Maroon
Feskar amanita skin.PNG Amanita Unlocked after getting the Shroom We Will Be Together achievement
Feskar teal skin.PNG Teal
Feskar black skin.PNG Black

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