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[[category:Locations (Magicka)]]
[[File:Fornskogur_Forest.png‎|frame|Fornskogur Forest on the map]]
Fornskogur Forest is a forest located in [[Midgård]] [[File:Fornskogur_Forest.png‎|frame|Fornskogur Forest on the map]]
Fornskogur Forest is a forest located in [[Midgård]], inhabited mostly by [[goblin]]s and [[troll]]s, but also harbouring [[Jormungandr]].
"Fornskogur" is a "Norsification" of two Swedish words which have been put together, and the name '''Fornskogur Forest''' can basically be translated into "Ancient-Forest Forest."
Fornskogur Forest is located close to the Jarn Mines, where the village of Verditorp is located. Some of the waters surrounding it belongs to the Boring Bay but mostly Halondin Coast. It is seen in chapter 2.
Fornskogur forest is pretty much like a normal forest, with trees, bridges, rivers but also inhabited by a variety of monsters and [[Jormungandr|a giant snake]]. A lone person lives somewhere in the forest.

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